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activeWallpaper Changer
this code designed to change windows' wallpaper automatically and can be set randomly
March 7th 2019   347k
AA nice calander in statusbar of your browser
This is a very simple java script embeded in html file that display the month, date, year, day, time in hour:minutes:seconds with AM/PM in the status bar of your browser. This is a good stuff for beginers. Enjoy it and ...
February 28th 2019   1k
A Super-Easy guestbook
This is a very easy guestbook, the code is around 25 lines. No SQL in use. No fancy stuff, or administrator tools only the code to learn from how to make it better. I myself tried to find a guestbook ...
September 24th 2018   2k
A "Find file(s)" program example
This example shows you how to make a "Find file" program, or you can juct compile this code and use it. The program supports recursive tracking, too. If you think this program is useful and that it helped you to ...
September 16th 2017   10k
PHPASM - script language interpreter
This is an implementation of a script language with a syntax that is very assembler-like. It includes 2 similar versions. One with a web-frontend included, and one without... check this out, it will wake up your mind ;)
March 21st 2017   2k
ASP Random Password Generator
Function that generates a random password of a specified or random lenght.
January 23rd 2017   1k
Small Employer
This is for a small business to keep some Data in a database.
December 22nd 2016   35k
Binary Tree Class
This is a basic binary tree class implemented using templates, so it can be used with any data type. It includes the pre-order, post-order, and in-order traverses.
December 12th 2016   2k
This is a version of the game Space Invaders developed in Perl. This game uses SDL libraries. Enjoy this game and don't forget to put some stars on it.
November 2nd 2016   904k
DDE Peer Sample
Just a simple DDE Peer application to demonstrate how it can link 2 apps together like a chat screen. Does not work over networks however. This is in reply and addition to Chui Tey's recent articles. To use it: run ...
October 1st 2016   2k
Chess Game 3D using DirectX
A Complete 3D Chess Game using DirectX ...
September 17th 2016   573k
[Aurora Borealis] Text scroller
This is the easiest way to make text scroll. At least that's what I think. Just sit down and let the timer do all the working for you... Paste your text on the frame and it will automaticly scroll on ...
September 17th 2016   13k
Automatic PHP image gallery
automatic list image files and its independent of file names.very small,fast and useful code.
August 1st 2016   37k
Java Console Clock and Applet Clock
THIS CLOCK TELLS TIME!!!!! This code is good to get beginnners introduced to Java. There is a console version and an applet version, both of which show the system time of the user's computer.
July 12th 2016   2k
Create registry entrys
SHows how to read or write to\from the registry
June 23rd 2016   2k
DDE Server (mIRC)
This program send "command" to mIRC (an irc client), with help from a DDE Server
June 1st 2016   1k
Base Conversion Utility
Converts a value from one customized base set to another. No longer are you bound to strict rules. zero does not necesarily have to represent nothing ... even create numbers in DNA (base-4 gatc). Try it out and see what ...
May 24th 2016   54k
An update of my first bargraph project... no more dashes or ugliness. Plus I added a feature which allows you to adjust the hight of the graph. I've also added comments for you who wish to have a little more ...
May 15th 2016   3k
Tarikh Component
Tarikh's Component written for Delphi 7 and XE5. This Component convert From Solar date to Gregorian date and Conversely and Get the day, month and year from Solar date and Gregorian date.
May 9th 2016   150k
Bhushan3DCubE is most interesting part of 3D animation Move your mouse cursor over the cube and its rotation will roughly follow the movement of the mouse. Click once to bring any of the faces forward. Once a face is locked ...
April 21st 2016   59k
Console NotePad
This program is a console word processor that replicates Windows NotePad. So far you may only open text files and move around it. Editing feature will be added soon.
April 7th 2016   65k
it do as log in form with the menu. user name:admin password:password
March 30th 2016   2k
JEL, A Scripting Language
JEL (Justin's Elite Language) This is a scripting language written in delphi. With this you can parse full equations with function calls, variables, etc. Scripts are useful for extending your programs capabilities with user programming for those complicated settings. enjoy ...
March 20th 2016   73k
Basic Five Function Calculator
This is a simple calculator program...it only does five basic operations.....+ - x / ^
March 6th 2016   1k
PHP pagerank checker
check Google pagerank, Technorati data, Alexa data, Google indexed/backlink, Yahoo indexed/backlink, MSN indexed, AllTheWeb search result, Altavista search result, Exactrank data, Googlebot last access, blogworth and DMOZ listing for your blog/site
February 11th 2016   4k
3D Demonstration
The purpose of the this application is to demonstrate the viewing in 3D world. It provides a complete graphical interface that let you easily interact with the application and helps you in drawing shapes. It let you see the every ...
January 24th 2016   101k
Stick Man
The screen shot shows what he does. The tStickMan class, is thoroughly explained in html pages to help you add it into your programs. Have fun with it and if you like it, please vote.
January 17th 2016   52k
GrantMySql script allows user to manage users and rights of MySql database from Web browser in easy and simple manner. It is useful for novices as well as for advanced users. If you do not know line syntax of MySql ...
January 10th 2016   2k
Exchange data between two applications easily
Exchange data between two VB applications easily using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). In the example, text typed in the Server's text box will show on the Client's label. Instructions on doing this in your own applications is included on the ...
January 4th 2016   4k
All sorting techniques
Perform all sorting techniques, including bubble sort, selection sort, insertion sort, heapsort, merge sort and quicksort. The program employs an array list as the data storage.
November 15th 2015   2k
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