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A Metric to Standard Conversion
To convert many different measurements. For example for feet to meters, and back. There is an easy menu that guides you to what you want.
October 1st 2015   2k
A Crash Course in SQL
I've seen lots of submission here dealing with databases on SQL. So I decided to create a crash course on SQL to explain what those SQL syntax mean. This is useful for beginners out there as well as for advance ...
September 22nd 2015   13k
This example shows how to use threads and gives a breif explaination why to use them. threads stops you program hanging/ freezing up
September 17th 2015   6k
A program called 3DPlot
This program demonstrates my implementation of the floating horizon algorithm. This is a hidden line removal algorithm that effectively works when used to plot 3-dimensional geometric figures. The algorithm works on the assumption that an object (a point or a ...
July 27th 2015   77k
This is a huge library with *TONS* of functions, classes, and components. Includes barcodes, system utilities, standard and extended controls, windows API wrappers, form templates, experts, dialogs, db components and dbcontrols. The libraries are over 100,000 source code lines, and ...
July 16th 2015   1,068k
A Game that is RGP
This is a pretty fun game. It's a "RPG" so you can upgrade different things like Attack, Defense, and Health!
July 6th 2015   2k
A Complete C++ String Class
This code features a complete string class, there are many routines for manipulating strings in the class. There are functions like "replace", "erase", "reverse", "find", "substr" ... So, there is a wide range of functions available, even the functions like ...
May 28th 2015   6k
String Encoder
This is a string encoder. It shows how to code a line of string into a text that can not be understood by human eyes. Please leave me a comment let me know what you think about this software... P.S. ...
May 20th 2015   2k
Acronym Quiz
This is a basic example of how to make an online quiz. It has a list of 20 computer related acronyms. You choose which one it stands for from a combo box, and a page is displayed telling you your ...
May 11th 2015   3k
A demonstration of coding for the PocketPC. Really it is nice because it shows those new to PocketPC programming that it can be done without too much trouble. I also use alot of GDI graphics, not as good as OpenGL, ...
April 21st 2015   356k
Beginners IRC Bot
To Make A Client For A Chat With Out Having To Use There Programs
March 31st 2015   18k
A Calculator
Mathamatical calculation
March 28th 2015   13k
A 3D Texturing/Animat ion Example
Gears toward teaching you how to texture, add light, rotate, set spin animation, and basicly use DirectX's RMControl (ocx included, read the text document). Every line of code is commented with an Easy to understand sence and description. Great to ...
March 9th 2015   39k
Mind Fighter
A logic game in C/C++ where you have to keep your balls greater in number than you opponent. Make a colony of your balls and you will end up with nice statistics.
March 1st 2015   4k
Ajax DOB
Simple, Short and Powerful Drop-down Calender script to get date of birth (DOB) from the users. No Javascript calender but simple PHP calender. The script makes use of Ajax to invoke no. of days in chosen year and month. It ...
February 18th 2015   60k
NIS Updater - Reads INI To Tree View!!!!
This code does a lot. It has a function to read INI files. Then puts the information into a tree view! Its flexible, so it can have 99 or 2000 things in the tree view with out chaning the code. ...
January 29th 2015   5k
Collision checking for Delphi
This code illustrates how to put collision checking into your program. In this program I use buttons for collision checking, but you can use everything. I will warn you now though, that I only comment on why a peice of ...
January 24th 2015   3k
Table/Data Size Reporter
Script to report table sizes (datatypes and data) for all user tables in the database executed on. Formatted to < 80 chars wide, should print nicely on any printer in portrait mode. Tested on SQL 7.0 & 2000 only, although ...
January 11th 2015   2k
PV Smartphone Homescreen Plugin
So, there is very hard to find any Smartphone Homescreen Plugin example, so i decided to search for an example by myself and finally I have found already an example which I would like to share with you. Here is ...
December 31st 2014   13k
turn off pc
turn pc off opertion systems
December 9th 2014   320k
scroll bar
To illustrate how to use Scroll bar on a client window. This program will open a text file and print it on the screen and the user can scroll up and down using scroll bar and view the file.
December 4th 2014   15k
New CPP Macro
Im new to C++ (2 Weeks Now) and at my school we had to make an TEMPLATE for our New Prj's. Anyways I thought it might be cool to make an MACRO instead. Im including it here as an SNIPET ...
November 22nd 2014   1k
Shadow Label Control
The shadows are now smooth and very professional looking. Easy to use control. Works exactly like a normal label but this one looks better.
November 9th 2014   5k
add with out using + sign
This is a small trick to add 2 numbers with out using the add signe + using XOR and & operaters.
November 2nd 2014   1k
Bitmap Rotation
Rotates any 24bit bitmap file by 45 degrees (antialiased) and saves it to an output file. demontstrates file access in bitmaps from c. wrote it in dev-c
October 19th 2014   3k
Programming Jargon, (with search)
Searches through a computer jargon data file for a random definition. You can also do searches and get help etc. If you want to learn the language this is a great source. Look for the next version with more definitions ...
October 2nd 2014   455k
A clock in C
This is a program written in C that displays an analog clock with GUI functionality. The program has been developed using Borland Turbo C++ v3.0 compiler. The code is great to explore for those who want to learn making Graphical ...
September 11th 2014   3k
Basic Toggling Example
This small program named "Basic Toggling Example" purposed to demonstrate the idea that come in View/Hide button you can see in some sites.
August 31st 2014   53k
idCGIRunner component
TidCGIRunner component allows to execute CGI scripts using Indy TidHTTPServer. Internet Direct (Indy) library is required.
August 19th 2014   32k
TProcessorClockT imer
Delphi component for benchmarking, speed testing It is written in Delphi 6 and tested on Win2k
August 9th 2014   21k
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