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TProcessorClockT imer
Delphi component for benchmarking, speed testing It is written in Delphi 6 and tested on Win2k
August 9th 2014   21k
Integer to bits
Binary representation of any integer value
July 27th 2014   1k
Mail-'O-Matic is a mailing list with some extra features for the administrator of this list. Trough the control panel you can send a news mail, invite people to join your mailing list and manage your registered users! This time, i ...
July 10th 2014   17k
Event Populated Calendar
Draws a Multi-Month Calendar populated with events from a database.
June 28th 2014   2k
C++ Password check
Learn how to enter a user-number / password(just using const int), I think you can get a feel of how to work, "if" and "else" ect by this simple example. PLEASE comment :)
June 17th 2014   260k
PHP Function: genstr()
Resurrected from February 2002, generate_str.php is the answer to all your pseudo-random string generation needs! Newly updated to allow you to pass a character set to the function
June 3rd 2014   1k
This is the complete package of my LoginPage, LostPassword and SignUp samples all blended into one nice package.
May 19th 2014   50k
Remove Bad ASCII
This PL/SQL stored function returns in_string with non-printable/space ASCII characters removed. Codes 32 through 126 correspond to the printable and space ASCII characters.
May 15th 2014   1k
date_diff Smarty Function
This is a Smarty Function file that can be installed into your plugins for smarty to provide the capability of calculating the time between two dates in either minutes, days, weeks, and years.
May 5th 2014   1k
DSN Configuration For Sql server
Sql server Beginners tutorial. All the examples are explained with screen shots.
April 17th 2014   182k
System Running Process
This code shows u, the current running process of u r system. Its very fast and effieient.
April 6th 2014   10k
ASPFileUpload_WS C
This Win32 Script Component Class Object allows web clients to upload files through their web browser to an IIS Web Server.
March 24th 2014   3k
Export to Text File
Using this code you could export data from SQL Server (or other DB) into a text file on the clients computer using pure ADO recordset, without any kind of stream or filesystem objects -"Recordset to Text File on the client". ...
March 2nd 2014   4k
Document SQL Server
Re-Submitted as zip to try and save the format, I am sure you will let me know if it doesn't! This script will document (PRINT) tables Tables (with Triggers), Stored Procedures, Views and User Defined Functions Modified: 18 June 2003 ...
February 20th 2014   2k
Component allowing developer to create and delete BDE aliases. With this component, the same program compiles with all Delphi versions. Delphi 1, 2, 3, 4, C++ Builder 1, 3.
February 12th 2014   6k
File Upload
Allows users on other pc's upload specified file to your wwwroot folder of your choice, and files of your choice. this could take over for large emails, apply apache HTTP server and dynDNS if your not static.
February 4th 2014   74k
Simple Calculator With Graphic Mode
My code can calculate some mathemathical processes. But now, it's only Turkish. In 2 days,I'll complete english version
January 15th 2014   2k
do DML on many tables, from many other similar tables, with minimal coding
This write-up with code shows how to do inserts, updates, and deletes on many tables, from many other similar tables, by using a mapping table, a REF cursor, and SQL built around PL/SQL variables. The mapping table makes for tight ...
December 31st 2013   7k
Pothead The 2nd
Pothead The 2nd is an ircbot. It has a weight converter, a date matching system to tell people if there relationship is hot or not. It has a learning database to allow users to add information into a database about ...
December 17th 2013   5k
API Button
This application demonstrates how you can create, manipulate buttons, just using API.
December 2nd 2013   13k
CRUD Database System
A simple database program that I wrote using CRUD Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete routines in PHP and MySQL programming very good guide for beginners programmers.
November 14th 2013   342k
A tool for full testing of CGI scripts without needing an internet connection. Allows HTML viewing, automatic script execution, Perl output viewing for debugging, email testing, database access testing, all on a local PC.
October 23rd 2013   476k
Displays the Thread process
October 2nd 2013   1k
Find Date
Relative to the i_date_and_time input, this PL/SQL stored function returns a wide variety of dates via just a handful of IN parameters. With SQL*Plus test script.
September 21st 2013   4k
CPU Information
Get you information about your CPU by registry.only Ten line Programming!!!
July 28th 2013   7k
master engle
This fed_up (file encryption and decryption utility program) has the purpose of encrypting a file. this code is created in turboc++. it is a great contribution for a principle of encrypting a file.
July 14th 2013   11k
With this source code you can make an application that defragment the memory.
July 7th 2013   60k
More examples of using arrays, written in pascal
June 24th 2013   2k
ErtemSoft Winlock provides the following functions: Block Internet Connection Screen Lock System Information Disable keystrokes, for example: Ctrl Alt Del, Ctrl ESC, Alt Tab, Winkey Block Keyboard Hide or replace the following the desktop elements: Windows Taskbar Windows Desktop Tray ...
May 7th 2013   188k
Introduction to PHP Security
This article will give you a brief overview over flaws you as a coder can create using PHP, and of course how to fix them.
March 19th 2013   13k
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