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[A++] Plugin Example
This is simple the best plugin example here on PSC. With this basic example you will be able to take you programs to a whole new level! Learn how to completely control your exe, with a plugin, in DLL format. ...
March 10th 2013   6k
BasicSupport System (ASP-PerlScript)
This is a simple Basic Support System that is used to log Technial Support Questions which is posted to Tech Support Crew that can then get on view and respond to the Problems and/or Solve the issues. This script is ...
February 28th 2013   119k
Printer GDI Example
This is a simple example that shows how to use the printer with Windows GDI Lib.
February 18th 2013   10k
Thread Animation
Displays the Thread process
February 10th 2013   1k
Aridentifier arabic to english
Converting Arabic to English
January 27th 2013   107k
Bulls & Cows
This is the famous game Bulls & Cows.
January 21st 2013   149k
Binary File Maker
This is the first submission by me. What this program will show you is how to make a file combiner, and extractor. It shows you how to combine files into one file.. How to extract all files at once, or ...
January 14th 2013   4k
Active News Managment
This is a News management with RSS Feed type system, access database driven. It has a admin section through wich any user can send new news to the site. Please gives your rating and comments.
January 8th 2013   285k
Check and correct schema discrepancies between databases - a utility designed and developed by Simon Maxen, 1999 Martin Wilkinson.
January 3rd 2013   13k
A basic Addressbook app
This is a basic Address Book application that allows the user to add, update and/or delete entries in a persistent data file, using random access techniques. A tutorial and the source are included.
December 31st 2012   47k
To create a drop down menu bar in jsp page
December 20th 2012   2k
Tablespace Growth Monitoring
This query will show the tablespace occupation in an Oracle Database and this is very useful if made frequently.
December 13th 2012    
G Basic VBScript(Compile r/Editor)
My Frist Submision This is a PowerFull vbScript Editor/Compiler or i hope so! =P It takes the code of a vbscript in the editor then open a template Gbf(Gas Basic File[In the Proyects Directory] an exe with the classes needed ...
December 10th 2012   34k
ActiveX Control Picture
This is a small piece of Visual Basic Code which you have to compile to a ActiveX DLL that allows create a picture control on memory with some of methods(Pset, Line, Save, ScaleCircle) of VB6 picture control. You will need ...
December 5th 2012   31k
This is a demonstration of how to detect application level debuggers and also SoftIce in Win32 C programming.
December 1st 2012   12k
Chip Template Engine Perl
Having a brother in the PHP business, the Chip Template Engine is designed to ease the work off of the both the programmer and the designer. On the programmer's end it allows HTML code to be loaded, parsed, concatenated, and ...
November 20th 2012   5k
Bits To Integer
Converts the bit stream into integer value.
November 15th 2012   1k
Button Panel
Used for auto-aligning TButtons on a custom TPanel typically at the bottom of a form. Simply drop the component on a form, add one or more buttons, type in the button names. Doing nothing else will cause the button(s) to ...
November 11th 2012   4k
Led Digital Clock
This program is Led Digital Clock that shows hours,minutes and seconds simultaneously.
November 8th 2012   103k
Banner Rotator
Banner rotator complete with stats (clicks, views, CTR). The major update between this and my other version is the delete process is now a GUI rather than a simple input form. Also, the configurations of the files have been redesigned ...
November 8th 2012   5k
Accessing MySQL with PHP
This is a group of reusable functions that can be kept in a file and included in other pages in the website. it has three functions 1 to do a query another to prepare text to be saved in a ...
November 7th 2012   1k
Playlist generation program :: ASX M3U WPL 3mP PLS HTML TXT
This program goes though your MP3 collection, creating playlists automatically in the format you choose for artists you have 5 or more songs from. Can also create one large playlist from all your songs... Supports playlist types: ASX M3U WPL ...
October 30th 2012   34k
Arithematic Operations Using CLASSES
This porgram is made to use simple arithematic operations using classes.
September 29th 2012   1k
Adding or Splitting a file
Adding or Splitting a file Command line version. This small utill will let you add a dest file to the end of a source file.
September 26th 2012   9k
Credit Card Format Validation Script
This code will validate the format of a given credit card number. Works with Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Diners Club / Card Blanche, Discover, enRoute and JCB.
September 24th 2012   1k
Neat Encrypt/Decrypt Functions
Encode and Decode a string using an encryption key. Comments included inside the source codes.
September 22nd 2012   1k
Contoh Sederhana Prototype javascript
Contoh Sederhana Prototype javascript.
September 19th 2012   1k
Add Picture in DataGrid
Add Image in DataGrid. You can also learn about how can Image Retrieve from Database and Also Save and Modify Image in Database. Just Right click on Image and you select Add New Image and Change Image. Please vote if ...
September 17th 2012   83k
Base 64
Base 64 is an encryption algorithims still used by many services. Very easy to decode and encode with php. I wrote this little script to give myself a quick method! If you can easily encrypt, they can decrypt it.
September 15th 2012   1k
Show File Properties window
With this little and simple thing you call the properties window for any file. All the function needs is the filename and the current form and the window pops up! Very easy to apply, comments in the module.
September 12th 2012   1k
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