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My code create a cookie with "name" for exemple your name.
September 10th 2012   1k
Ext js type Accordian with jquery
The peace of code is helpful for understanding the concept of accordion using jquery.
September 8th 2012   109k
Simpliest snake
This is about the simplest snake out there, i tried to do all right programming standards, no use of timers, including dynamic arrays, everything is commented and neat. If you want to make a snake game yourself, you may get ...
September 5th 2012   2k
ADOQuery database example
This purpose of this code is to show you how you can connect to a Microsoft Access Database and use SQL commands on it. Here is a good site to learn SQL http://www.w3schools.com/SQl/default.asp I attached a step by step tutorial ...
September 3rd 2012   22k
Address Organizer
A nice program to organize your mail addresses. Names are sorted alphabetically. You can add, edit, delete and Print lists or only selected address. A reminder option with a calendar is included. It can reminde you up to 20 days ...
September 1st 2012   76k
Calender Generator
This program generates the calender of a given month and year, knowing the fact that 1st January 1900 was Monday. The code is simple and well commented.
August 29th 2012   2k
Delete Your Running Application!
This is how to delete your running application.
August 27th 2012   7k
A basic Client Server application
This example shows you how to build a basic client/server application. This example sends a message from the Client to the Server and the Server acknowledges the receipt of the message. The source and a tutorial are included.
August 25th 2012   15k
Bank Account Final
This code is a database which holds records for bank account records. It is not a simulation of what you would see at an ATM machine but it would be a simulation of a bank administrator. You have the capability ...
August 22nd 2012   679k
A primitive version of the "Game of Life"
An implementation of the Game of Life algorith, I wrote many years ago. The whole display is rather primitive, as the algorithm just draws to the screen without using a window...
August 18th 2012   1k
A Simple DOS Calculator
This is Simple DOS Calculator. It uses Graphics to display buttons and textbox. Understand the code and put some more function of your own. It really small and easy to understand.
August 14th 2012   10k
Client Server File Reader
How To Read Text From Somebody Else Computer.
August 12th 2012   19k
Dynamic Office like Menu w/DB
This Asp Code Reads From a Database and writes an html menu with an office. I am gonna use it in my new website but i thought i might as well share it.
August 6th 2012   63k
A Shortest Path C++ Class
A C++ Class implementing a shortest-path algorithm on a rectangular grid where grid elements can be marked impassable and the algorithm must quickly find the shortest path from point A to point B. Uses a priority queue class. This is ...
July 31st 2012   6k
Batch rename
Simple yet very flexible tool to safely rename a series of files.
July 29th 2012   4k
A simple Alarm clock can do many things like shutting down windows or playing a sound..etc...
July 26th 2012   13k
Check the free space in your database
This SQL*Plus script prompts for a PERCENT USED value, runs SQL to get data on all tablespaces with that percentage (or more) of used space, spools the results to a file, and opens the file in Notepad.
July 24th 2012   2k
This is an ASP poker script. What it does is it gives you five cards. From those five cards, you need to select which cards you want to keep. You can do that by checking the checkbox of the card. ...
July 21st 2012   51k
A basic chatterbot program
This program illustrate how you might create a very basic program that can interact with a user Such programs, even the very basic ones are call 'chat robot', they are also known under the name of 'chatterbot' 'or chatbot'.
July 18th 2012   1k
a Menu class (NO MFC)
This class is used to manage your menus. You can create your menus, and set their image, modify any text in any moment, etc....
July 16th 2012   7k
A button bar
A button with some more feauters. Can be used as a button bar. Popupmenu like "Chrome" explorer.
July 14th 2012   20k
Alphabet Link Writer
Alpabet links writer..
July 11th 2012    
HTML Generator
Logs all my contacts & converts it into HTML form to easily share info.
July 9th 2012   1k
The Ultimate Snake
This game fo snake is different from many others. In addition to the classic snake game, this game ships many new features such as 2 modes: classic and campaign,where in campaign mode you can progress through different levels by eating ...
July 7th 2012   351k
Client Server chat
Simple client Server chat is done with this.
July 4th 2012   100k
A Database Management System
This is a simple database management system. It doesn't use any other code (i.e. ODBC, ADO, etc.) and has it's own database file format. I wrote it because I found the other DBMSs code too bulky and hard to debug. ...
July 2nd 2012   32k
BitCrypt - Bitwise encryption with XOR addition
This project is a DLL that will allow you to implement the BitCrypt algorithm. This algorithm has many benefits and very few drawbacks.

- Use of two methods to securely encrypt data.
- Easy to use interface using basic string types.
- Binary ...
June 30th 2012   19k
Bubble Sort and Template Binary Search
The "binary search algorithm" is one of the quickest way for searching threw an array, the "linear search algorithm" makes "n" comparaisons for searching for an element inside a given array. The "binary search algorithm" only makes log2(n) comparaisons for ...
June 27th 2012   14k
Artificial Neural Net: Perceptron Using Perceptron Learning Rule
This program features a complete Perceptron Neural Net Application. The perceptron is a program that learn concepts, i.e. it can learn to respond with True (1) or False (0) for inputs we present to it, by repeatedly "studying" examples presented ...
June 24th 2012   28k
ActiveLock Component
This Component will make your application shareware ready. It exists as a vb activeX control by Nelson Ferraz. I've edited it and made a delphi component out of this. In my opinion it's a little bit safer then the activeX... ...
June 21st 2012   14k
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