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QuickModeler is an Add-In for Visual Studio .NET which provides reverse engineering and easy UML modeling functionality to the development environment. It comprises features like autolayout, inheritance and association modeling, grid, clipboard, etc. It uses the VS.NET extensibility model and ...
March 15th 2012   381k
ASP.NET Force Download
Version 2 of the Force Download script... Now with Gleemex!
March 11th 2012   1k
Simple Mozilla-Firefox Bookmarks Checker
This small and simple Perl program permits you to get some informations about mozilla-firefox bookmarks. It scans a given bookmark file and tries to output all broken and duplicated links in the file itself. It saves the result to an ...
March 8th 2012   23k
Andrew's Little Downloader
This is just a really simple java program that i made to download files. I remembers the directory that you want to download to and downloads really quickly, showing you the speed and the file size.
March 6th 2012   3k
Customizing Asp.net Create User Wizard
In Asp.Net 2.0 create user wizard we want to fill the following options to sig up a new account , such as....
* username
* password
* confirm password
* email
* security question
* security answer
And also the ...
March 4th 2012   22k
Gfx - Software Textured Sphere
A rotating earth + texture-scroller
Some tech stuff:
* 640x480x32Bit
* full-object texturing
* z-Buffer, blur effect
* TinyPTC Framebuffer
* C Code (Win32), pure software
March 1st 2012   164k
Thumbnail Javascript Program
Program to generate a thumnail viewer for a collection of images. The images can be of different size and can be displayed by any browser supporting javascript. The program generates two views of the album generated. There is a simple ...
February 26th 2012   802k
Basic Event Example Using JQuery
For Introduce the event Model of jQuery.
February 23rd 2012   81k
Use sand fire and other cool FXs to make dynamic works of art, 6 different painters, includes source code.
February 20th 2012   684k
Gfx - Rotating Galaxy
Simple, nice particle galaxy
Some tech stuff:
* 640x480x32Bit
* TinyPTC Framebuffer
* C Code (Win32), pure software.
February 14th 2012   8k
Basic Listbox Funcions
This code will show how to use basic funcions of listbox from windowsx.h
February 12th 2012   19k
A Basic Chatterbot
This program implements a very basic program that can interact with a user Program like these one, (usualy more complex ones) are called "chat robot" they are also known under the name of "chatterbot" or "chatbot" The first chatterbot to ...
February 9th 2012   1k
Text Predictor
This program emulates the T9 dictionary found on various mobile phones. As you press the buttons, the non-probable words are discarded from the Listbox on the left which shows interactively what happens in your mobile phone while composing a SMS. ...
February 7th 2012   7k
A Pong Applet
Wow this game was fun to make. Four paddles one for each side of the applet. The balls come from where you click. you can have as many balls as you wish. control the paddles with mouse. balls are of ...
February 4th 2012   273k
Basic Sorting Algorithm Analysis
This source code is about the basic sorting algorithm implemented in C#. The algorithms included are Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Selection Sort. User can trace how's the sorting algorithm works. Besides running each sorting individually, user can also run the ...
February 1st 2012   128k
A sortable Hashtable - Hashlist
This Hashlist-Class stores items in an key-value based style. You are able to access this items by key or index. And you can sort the list either by Key or by Value. Maybe this code is useful for you. It ...
January 30th 2012   5k
Perfect Tic Tac Toe
Demonstrates the use of variable levels of AI to challenge an opponent at any level. Highest level is unbeatable, lowest level is very easy. This code is HEAVILY documented (see for yourself). Can you beat the "Clever" level???
January 23rd 2012   9k
BirthDay Alert System
This code will help you to remind Birthdays of your nears and dears. This relieves you from the burden of reminding birthdays.
January 19th 2012   55k
Chess Program
It is a chess ('Capture king' rules) playing program,
which will eventually become a debugging environment for engine AI building, take back moves, save game and load game, and a database builder for endgame and opening positions,

Estimated rating of 1580 Elo.
January 15th 2012   128k
Yaldex Colored ScrollBars
Yaldex Colored ScrollBars is great and powerful tool that creates CSS Style definitions and JavaScript code for amazing animated scrollbars needed to add colored scrollbars on your web pages. It comes with 44 color schemes included in the templates repository, ...
January 12th 2012   1,779k
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