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Robert Cleaver
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A Categorized Download/Product Manager, lets you search through the file indexed database w/ 5 different types of searches. displays a screenshot of the Download/Product along with detailed information on it. Very Useful. The categories are loaded from a text file that contains all the categories that you have added. You can add/delete/edit categories, Add Downloads/Products (remove them as well) inside specific categories, And much more. This project took me nearly a month and a half to complete. please vote for me! if i get good marks then i will continue to expand on it. Thanks for the support.

File List:
Categories/Script Editors/0b
Categories/Script Editors/1.down167b
Categories/Script Editors/2.down183b
Categories/Script Editors/Screenshots/0b
Categories/Script Editors/Screenshots/screen_1.bmp59Kb
Categories/Script Editors/Screenshots/screen_2.bmp59Kb
Categories/Script Editors/cat.conf1b
Categories/Server Tools/0b
Categories/Server Tools/cat.conf1b

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