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ASP Chess Game open source project description

Hi all, This another Chess Game, but this one is better, i mean the ASP structure. If you which to see a pro at work then look at this source ! Please read the README.TXT. I am looking for skilled people to work with me on this project, i have 6 other games to develop.

File List:
Chess ASP/0b
Chess ASP/Chess.mdb240Kb
Chess ASP/Images/0b
Chess ASP/Images/back1.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/c1.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/c2.gif7Kb
Chess ASP/Images/c3.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/c4.gif5Kb
Chess ASP/Images/c5.gif5Kb
Chess ASP/Images/c6.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/c7.gif5Kb
Chess ASP/Images/c8.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/cbl.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/cbl2.gif2Kb
Chess ASP/Images/cbl3.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/cno.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/cno2.gif2Kb
Chess ASP/Images/cno3.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pc1.gif331b
Chess ASP/Images/pc2.gif3Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pc3.gif283b
Chess ASP/Images/pc4.gif5Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pc5.gif3Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pc6.gif403b
Chess ASP/Images/pc7.gif3Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pc8.gif247b
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/0b
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/cb.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/cn.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/fb.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/fn.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/pb.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/pn.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/reb.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/ren.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/rob.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/ron.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/tb.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/pieces/tn.gif1Kb
Chess ASP/Images/table.gif6Kb
Chess ASP/MD_CP_Plan.doc72Kb
Chess ASP/chess.inc36Kb
Chess ASP/chessboard.asp3Kb
Chess ASP/chessgame.asp413b
Chess ASP/creategame.asp1Kb
Chess ASP/graph.gif14Kb
Chess ASP/graph2.gif7Kb
Chess ASP/screenshot.gif153Kb
Chess ASP/timer.asp239b
Chess ASP/viewgames.asp261b

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