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Theta State-Online 2D RPG

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Ryan Houdek
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Theta State-Online 2D RPG description

This is a game I was working on while back. It is an online 2D RPG using direct3D 8 for the graphics. it supports multiple people connecting to the server. the server can send the map files from intself to the clients and there is also a simple scripting language.there are multiple map support and MID music. This is an unfinished client/server,there will be afew bugs you will have to look at and fix but the game should compile.The packet encryption was from someone elses example. If you wish to use this source,vote for me,or not, whatever you want todo.Have fun with it though. Since this site doesn't support regular VB6 anymore,I had to put it in what's there.

File List:
Theta State/0b
Theta State/Client.frm65Kb
Theta State/Client.frx4Kb
Theta State/Credits.frm2Kb
Theta State/Credits.frx3Kb
Theta State/DrpW.frm2Kb
Theta State/Files/0b
Theta State/Files/Maps/0b
Theta State/Files/Maps/.txt2b
Theta State/Files/Maps/0.txt2b
Theta State/Files/Maps/5.txt2b
Theta State/Files/Maps/CNorth.txt2b
Theta State/Files/Maps/CSouth.txt2b
Theta State/Files/Maps/myFile.txt5Kb
Theta State/Files/Maps/myFile2.txt4Kb
Theta State/Files/Music/0b
Theta State/Files/Music/1.mid15Kb
Theta State/Files/Music/10.mid1Kb
Theta State/Files/Music/11.mid24Kb
Theta State/Files/Music/2.mid44Kb
Theta State/Files/Music/3.mid47Kb
Theta State/Files/Music/4.mid91Kb
Theta State/Files/Music/5.mid137Kb
Theta State/Files/Music/6.mid5Kb
Theta State/Files/Music/7.mid38Kb
Theta State/Files/Music/8.mid83Kb
Theta State/Files/Music/9.mid9Kb
Theta State/Files/Players/0b
Theta State/Files/Players/Player1.PNG3Kb
Theta State/Files/Players/Player2.PNG3Kb
Theta State/Files/Players/Thumbs.db89Kb
Theta State/Inuyashaonline.PDM6Kb
Theta State/Login.frx1Kb
Theta State/Resources.bas1Kb
Theta State/Server/0b
Theta State/Server/Banned.Txt2b
Theta State/Server/Charaaccounts/0b
Theta State/Server/Charaaccounts/Sonic.ini21b
Theta State/Server/Images/0b
Theta State/Server/Inuyasha Online Server.frm33Kb
Theta State/Server/Inuyasha Online Server.frx4Kb
Theta State/Server/Item.ini150b
Theta State/Server/Maps/0b
Theta State/Server/Maps/.txt0b
Theta State/Server/Maps/0.txt0b
Theta State/Server/Maps/5.txt0b
Theta State/Server/Maps/CNorth.txt0b
Theta State/Server/Maps/CSouth.txt0b
Theta State/Server/Maps/myFile.txt5Kb
Theta State/Server/Maps/myFile2.txt4Kb
Theta State/Server/Misc/0b
Theta State/Server/Module1.bas6Kb
Theta State/Server/Scripts/0b
Theta State/Server/Scripts/1.vbs47b
Theta State/Server/T3.ico4Kb
Theta State/Server/Theta State Server.vbp1Kb
Theta State/Server/modEncryption.bas4Kb
Theta State/Servers.frx22b
Theta State/T2.ico1Kb
Theta State/T3.ico4Kb
Theta State/Theta State.pdb177Kb
Theta State/Theta State.vbp1Kb
Theta State/Time/0b
Theta State/Time/Form1.frm2Kb
Theta State/Time/Project1.vbp1Kb
Theta State/maptiles.PNG36Kb
Theta State/modDeclare.bas5Kb

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