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ASM Edit v1.8

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Olaf Krusche
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ASM Edit v1.8 description

IDE with syntax-colors for ASM files, used with external Assembler, Linker and Debugger programs. Help system with mnemonics up to Pentium Pro, FPU and MMX instructions, VGA programming, interrupt list, DOS tables and formats, etc. ASM Tutorial & build-in tools.

This file contains information about installing and/or upgrading ASM Edit.

ASM Edit

Contents of this document

1. What is ASM Edit?
2. Installing your first ASM Edit
3. Upgrading
4. Contact the authors

1. What is ASM Edit?

ASM Edit is a DOS based easy-to-use IDE for all you assembler freaks out

2. Installing your first ASM Edit

If you install ASM Edit for the first time, simply start the INSTALL program
and follow the directions. After installing, start ASM Edit and select
'Help - Tutorial. There you will find assistance in configuring ASM Edit as
well as topics how to use ASM Edit.

3. Upgrading

If you want to upgrade ASM Edit from a prior version, please install ASM Edit
in a *different* path from your old version.

Start your *old* ASM Edit and convert your desktop file(s):

1: Select 'Options - Load' and load the desired desktop file.
2: Use 'Options - Save to INI' to save it to the file 'ASMEDIT.INI'.
3: If you want to convert more than one desktop file, please load
'ASMEDIT.INI' via 'File - Open' and save it via 'File - Save as' to
another file name. (For instance 'MYINI.INI'.) Then repeat steap 1 to 3
for all of your desktop files.
4: Copy all the INI files into the path of the new ASM Edit. You can use the
'File - Open' and 'File - Save as' function for that!

Then start the *new* ASM Edit and load the INI files via 'Options - Load from
INI'. Check all options to be correct and save them to a desktop file.


In the *new* ASM Edit: Don't load old desktop files and choose 'Ignore' -
This may crash your computer!

4. Contact the authors

snail mail: Olaf Krusche
Sportlerweg 7
02692 Doberschau
WWW: (Homepage) (ASM Edit)

07/07/96 Olaf Krusche, Tilo Elstner

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