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A good class to make any Window (NO MFC)

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A good class to make any Window (NO MFC) description

This is a base class to build any window type. Its easy to use and support Dialogs and Windows in the same class. You need create your own class to heredate WindowClass , and you can create a windows with less time. Sorry but code is writed and commented in Spanish This class is a part of my library "DReY_Windows_Lib" you can download at :

File List:
VCPI ClaseVentana/0b
VCPI ClaseVentana/ClaseVentana.cpp446b
VCPI ClaseVentana/ClaseVentana.h51Kb
VCPI ClaseVentana/MiVentana.cpp1Kb
VCPI ClaseVentana/MiVentana.h226b
VCPI ClaseVentana/StdAfx.cpp304b
VCPI ClaseVentana/StdAfx.h1Kb
VCPI ClaseVentana/VCPI ClaseVentana.cpp1Kb
VCPI ClaseVentana/VCPI ClaseVentana.dsp4Kb
VCPI ClaseVentana/VCPI ClaseVentana.dsw1Kb

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