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A Database Management System

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Sardine Muffins
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This is a simple database management system. It doesn't use any other code (i.e. ODBC, ADO, etc.) and has it's own database file format. I wrote it because I found the other DBMSs code too bulky and hard to debug. It's designed for small applications and I doubt it could handle anything on a large scale. A sample program included in the .zip shows how everything works. The database project is a library project, so you'll have to compile and link with the .lib file to get everything working. Pros: - You have the source code so you know exactly what it is doing - Database files are very small - Small and fast code Cons: - Can't handle large amounts of records (more than 65000ish) - Doesn't support SQL (you have to search the database by cycling through the records and testing them against your constraints) - Each database file can only have one table.

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tdDatabase/Sample program/0b
tdDatabase/Sample program/tdDatabase Test.vcproj3Kb
tdDatabase/Sample program/test.cpp3Kb
tdDatabase/Sample program/test.h133b

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