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This is yet another OTP (One Time Pad) encryption program on Planet Source Code. I have seen lots of these in Visual Basic (and one in straight C), but none in Visual C++/C++ so I decided to try and make one. Included in the .ZIP is the encrypting and decrypting software code. Also included are the sources I read to make this. This program takes a text file (or bitmap) and encrypts it. The output is an encrypted file and a pad (which are the SAME size). To unencrypt, all you have to do is run the decryptor using the two files generated. More instructions are given in the download! Since this is my first encryption attempt, I WELCOME any constructive critisism (i.e. tell me where I went wrong, or point me to an article I should read).

Just open the Visual C++ project files for the two programs to get going.
Floor.txt and in.bmp are included as examples of what can be encrypted and decrypted.

All you need to do for the decryptor is present the files xxx.dat and pad.dat in the directory of the decryptor. xxx.dat and pad.dat are generated with the encryptor. This yields a out.dat

This is kept general as a demonstration of good security practices.

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