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Nyall davies
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Bakup description

A simple back up program using list boxes. Meant to back up folders to a second hard disk so that should either fail these folders and their files are safe. You select the folders and the program makes any subdirectories in them - it was designed to go down one layer but makes all layer of directory. Only baks up files that are newer than the ones in the back up directory. does everything on running program but buttons have been left. readme file suppied. Zip file

Program Bakup is a simply backup program.
Its aim is to put the files needing backup on a different drive. You can change this. The default is D:\Bak.
A normal directory structure is shown in windows on the left of the window. You can use this to select the directory or folder needing back up. You must double click it to select that as the main folder in the tree. Then click the add button and it will be added to the list on the left. as each folder is selected it is saved.
You may delete folders but when you are satisfied you need to click save to remove them from the list.
You can Bakup manually now if you wish.
The programme will bakup automatically everytime it is run.The buttons were put in for debugging but I have left them available.
It checks each file and only replaces it is there is a newer one with the same name.
It will create a copy of the folder structure in the list, in D:\Bak
If either your main hard drive or your bakup one fails you have the files on the non faulty disk
The program will burrow down to find new folders added with new files so it will bakup internet pages and their folders without you having to create the folder. ie if you have Page.htm and a PageFiles folder it will find the page files folderand add that to the list.
The number of new folders made and files refreshed is indicated.
The program is wrtten in Delphi 4 and has been checked running on Delphi 7
Windows could be set to run the program on startup.

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