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Michael Margold
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Parallel Port Viewer description

It is possible to use parallel port for many interesting applications (i.e. connect LCD Display or leds to it). Parallel Port Viewer show how parallel port works on hardware level!!!

File List:
Parallel Port Viever/0b
Parallel Port Viever/.nbattrs1Kb
Parallel Port Viever/BitField$1.class165b
Parallel Port Viever/BitField$MouseFunctions.class1Kb
Parallel Port Viever/BitField$UpdateField.class1Kb
Parallel Port Viever/BitField.class3Kb
Parallel Port Viever/BitField.java4Kb
Parallel Port Viever/Important!!!/0b
Parallel Port Viever/Important!!!/ParallelPortViever.gif37Kb
Parallel Port Viever/Important!!!/ReadMe.htm2Kb
Parallel Port Viever/Important!!!/lpt_po3.jpg54Kb
Parallel Port Viever/Led$1.class150b
Parallel Port Viever/Led$MouseFunctions.class1Kb
Parallel Port Viever/Led$UpdateLed.class1Kb
Parallel Port Viever/Led.class4Kb
Parallel Port Viever/Led.java6Kb
Parallel Port Viever/Leds/0b
Parallel Port Viever/Leds/0.gif107b
Parallel Port Viever/Leds/1.gif106b
Parallel Port Viever/Leds/2.gif107b
Parallel Port Viever/Leds/3.gif106b
Parallel Port Viever/Leds/Thumbs.db13Kb
Parallel Port Viever/MainWindow$1.class1Kb
Parallel Port Viever/MainWindow$2.class1Kb
Parallel Port Viever/MainWindow.class2Kb
Parallel Port Viever/MainWindow.java1Kb
Parallel Port Viever/MakeEcecutableJar.bat103b
Parallel Port Viever/Parallel/0b
Parallel Port Viever/Parallel/ParallelPort.bmp695Kb
Parallel Port Viever/Parallel/ParallelPort.gif26Kb
Parallel Port Viever/ParallelPortViewer.class1Kb
Parallel Port Viever/ParallelPortViewer.jar46Kb
Parallel Port Viever/ParallelPortViewer.java298b
Parallel Port Viever/PortViewerPanel$1.class1Kb
Parallel Port Viever/PortViewerPanel$2.class1Kb
Parallel Port Viever/PortViewerPanel$SyncronizationOfAllElements.class2Kb
Parallel Port Viever/PortViewerPanel$SyncronizationOfInOut.class2Kb
Parallel Port Viever/PortViewerPanel$UpdateParallel.class2Kb
Parallel Port Viever/PortViewerPanel.class6Kb
Parallel Port Viever/PortViewerPanel.java10Kb
Parallel Port Viever/manifest.mft91b
Parallel Port Viever/parport/0b
Parallel Port Viever/parport/ParallelPort.class5Kb
Parallel Port Viever/parport/ParallelPort.java10Kb
Parallel Port Viever/parport/compile.bat30b
Parallel Port Viever/run.bat30b

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