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Auto Complete combo Box

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Jose Fuentes VB MVP
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Auto Complete combo Box description

Have you ever wanted an auto complete on your combo box well here it is. I have posted this before but it was my first time and the formating was all messed up. So now it's in a working project.

File List:
Combo Auto Complete/0b
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/0b
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/AssemblyInfo.vb1Kb
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/ComboAutoCompleteExample.sln1Kb
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/ComboAutoCompleteExample.suo8Kb
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/ComboAutoCompleteExample.vbproj4Kb
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/ComboAutoCompleteExample.vbproj.user2Kb
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/Form1.resx5Kb
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/Form1.vb5Kb
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/bin/0b
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/bin/ComboAutoCompleteExample.pdb26Kb
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/obj/0b
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/obj/Debug/0b
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/obj/Debug/ComboAutoCompleteExample.Form1.resources1Kb
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/obj/Debug/ComboAutoCompleteExample.pdb26Kb
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/obj/Debug/TempPE/0b
Combo Auto Complete/ComboAutoCompleteExample/obj/Debug/temp/0b

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