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Easy FTP Site Transfer

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Sabeen malik
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Hi everyone Found this script i created in PHP last year for easy server to server site transfer via FTP. Thought might put this up for you guys. I felt the need for this when a few clients of mine wanted to switch servers, it was a pain to download the files and then upload to the new server. So i created this. I uploaded the 2 scripts to the root directory of the source site like /public_html and called the script with the browser like: sourcesite/ftp_transfer.php and the script would upload all the files and sub-directories through FTP to the destination server set in the variables. Realtime progress is shown as to what is being done and the status of the transfer. Saved me alot of headache , time and bandwidth :) .. hope this helps someone else. A graphical interface has not been developed to make sure that even if you forget to remove the scripts after using them and some outsider stumbles upon the transfer script over the browser , he wont be able to use it to shift files to his own destination.

open ftp_transfer.php change the following variables below to suit your situation.

$main_dir_path = "."; //---- local path to ur stuff , keeping it to "." is better , meaning upload everything in this folder and below
$remote_root = "/public_html"; //---- remote path , where uploaded files/folders go
$domain = ""; //-- put in remote host or ip
$user = "ftpusername"; //-- put in remote domain username for ftp
$pass = "ftppassword"; //-- put in remote domain password for ftp

once done , upload these 2 files ftp_transfer.php and class.folders.php to source server. For instance if you want to transfer every thing on and the files of are in your /public_html folder, upload these to /public_html and call the ftp_transfer.php from your webbrowser like and if you setup the variables correctly , every thing will go smoothly.
Hope this helps someone.

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