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Ali babei
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VB Paint description

VB Paint By Ali2 New Programmer For PHOTO Scan All Photo Bu ALL Photo. VB Paint is a simple drawing program similar to Microsoft Paint plus several image filters. It's a free and open source software built with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. You may freely use and modify any part of the code for your personal needs.

File List:
VB Paint/0b
VB Paint/Cursors/0b
VB Paint/Cursors/airbrush.cur1Kb
VB Paint/Cursors/brush.cur1Kb
VB Paint/Cursors/cross.cur1Kb
VB Paint/Cursors/eraser.cur1Kb
VB Paint/Cursors/fill.cur1Kb
VB Paint/Cursors/filter.cur2Kb
VB Paint/Cursors/handflat.cur326b
VB Paint/Cursors/handgrab.cur326b
VB Paint/Cursors/pencil.cur1Kb
VB Paint/Cursors/pick.cur2Kb
VB Paint/Cursors/text.cur2Kb
VB Paint/Cursors/zoom.cur2Kb
VB Paint/VB Paint.vbp1Kb
VB Paint/frmAbout.frm4Kb
VB Paint/frmAbout.frx5Kb
VB Paint/frmPaint.frm138Kb
VB Paint/frmPaint.frx13Kb
VB Paint/mdFilter.bas21Kb
VB Paint/mdlAPI.bas3Kb
VB Paint/mdlEffect.bas8Kb
VB Paint/mdlGeneral.bas5Kb
VB Paint/readme.txt1Kb

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