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SQLCrypto And XLSure Encryption Utilities

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Brad G Skidmore
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SQLCrypto And XLSure Encryption Utilities description

SQLCrypto Base Encryption + Hash ZIP files include the SQLCrypto Install, as well as Demo Scripts that install a sample database and all the encryption utilities you would need to start securing your sensitive passwords.

Read Me:
1. Install SQLcrypto370Setup.exe (Base Encryption C++)
2. Install SQL Server Scripts
A. Execute Z02_Install_EcryptTest_Database.sql
This will create a sample database named EcryptTest
B. Execute Z03_Install_Ecrypt_UDTsAndVws.sql
This will install Required User Defined Functions and Views Used to take advantage of SQLCrypto Encryption
C. Z04_Install_tblUser_trg_updHashPass.sql
Installs a sample User Table with a Trigger that allows for plain text updates to a Hashed Password column.
D. Z05_PlayTime_TestStuff.sql
This script does tests inserting and updating records in the sample User Table.

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