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Xmodem 1K Sample

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Walter Senekal
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Xmodem 1K Sample description

This is a port from c# code Written by: Andreas Wögerbauer to vb 2008 It shows how to transfer a file in 1K Xmodem format.

File List:
1K_Xmodem/My Project/0b
1K_Xmodem/My Project/Application.Designer.vb440b
1K_Xmodem/My Project/Application.myapp469b
1K_Xmodem/My Project/AssemblyInfo.vb1Kb
1K_Xmodem/My Project/Resources.Designer.vb3Kb
1K_Xmodem/My Project/Resources.resx5Kb
1K_Xmodem/My Project/Settings.Designer.vb3Kb
1K_Xmodem/My Project/Settings.settings279b
1K_Xmodem/My Project/app.manifest1Kb

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