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Ferrari Mania << Map editor >> description

Map editor for game based on GTA, very simple. Allmost complete program. I removed some tiles becase they took too much place. You can add them by yourself munualy 64x64.

File List:
Map Editor/0b
Map Editor/1.cur326b
Map Editor/Config.ini28b
Map Editor/Form1.frm54Kb
Map Editor/Form1.frx102Kb
Map Editor/ListF.frm6Kb
Map Editor/ListF.frx109Kb
Map Editor/MAP/0b
Map Editor/MAP/Beer 7.map88Kb
Map Editor/MAP/Beer
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/0b
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/000.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/001.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/002.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/003.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/004.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/005.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/006.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/007.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/009.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/010.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/013.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/014.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/015.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/016.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/017.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/018.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/019.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/020.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/021.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/022.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/025.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/027.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/029.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/030.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/032.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/035.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/036.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/037.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/038.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/051.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/061.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/064.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/065.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/066.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/072.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/073.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/074.bmp12Kb
Map Editor/MAP/CityTheme/Theme.info6b
Map Editor/Map Editor for Ferrari Mania.exe.manifest1Kb
Map Editor/MapBuilder.res1Kb
Map Editor/MapBuilder.vbp1Kb
Map Editor/Opt.frm2Kb
Map Editor/PrefMap.frm8Kb
Map Editor/PrefMap.frx4b
Map Editor/Prew.frm2Kb
Map Editor/Resize.frm11Kb
Map Editor/ZVar.bas1Kb

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