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HttpSqlProvider 0.9

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Arian Laskov
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HttpSqlProvider 0.9 description

HttpSqlProvider makes possible connect to a remote database via Http protocol. Client side provider implements ADO.Net IDbConnection, IDbCommnad, IDataReader, IDataRecord interfaces and acts like common Net data provider. Server side component is a ASP.Net application. This software intended to build smart client application working with remote database via public internet infrastructure. Working smart application demo included.

It is .Net custom provider that implements generic ADO.NET interfaces to bring basic .Net Data functionality using the http protocol to connect to remote data sources over the internet public infrastructure.

HttpSqlProvider use special http server CGI module.
Module dynamically generates output content on HttpSqlClient request.
CGI Module configured to connect a selected by administrator database using provided username and password in CGI module configuration parameters.
A remote client can’t change database but only send SQL command and get appropriate result.
HttpSqlClient does not depends on target database. All work do special CGI module hosted on WEbServer.
This demo version used SQL Server 2000 and CGI module configured to use NorthWind demo database preinstalled with SQL Server Developer distribution.
The author also wrote the working Oracle CGI module.
HttpSql protocol based on XML using deflate algorithm described in RFC 1951.
HttpSqlClient library uses open source SharpZipLib zip compression lib.
Server CGI module made as standalone assembly thus it may be hosted under ASP.NET.
Demo version uses custom TinyHttpServer made by author.
It is a piece of #c code that implements Web server funtcionality and works perfect :)

namespace HttpSqlProvider

public class HttpSqlException implements generic SQL error exception

public class HttpSqlConnection implements IDbConnection.
public String ConnectionString connection string property use to indicate connection parameters

Supported keywords:
Server = address of the data source for example Server=;

Compress = true | false; Indicates use of data compression. In provided demo program compression must be set true;

HttpSqlConnection does not support transactions.

Public class HttpSqlCommand : IDbCommand implements SQL command functionality.
Transactions not supported.

Not implemented methods:

HttpsqlCommand supports sql text and procedure execution. Data parameters also supported.

HttpSqlDataParameter : IDbDataParameter implements data parameter.
Data parameter object supports input/output direction and takes only simple type values.

public class HttpSqlDataReader : IDataReader, IDataRecord
Implements forward resultset, supports multiply resultsets.
Method public DataTable GetSchemaTable() returns resultset schema infromation.
HttpSqlDataReader supports only simple types. Oracle CLOB BLOB and large binary data values currently not supported.
public long GetChars(int i, long dataIndex, char[] buffer, int bufferIndex, int length)
public long GetBytes(int i, long dataIndex, byte[] buffer, int bufferIndex, int length)
not implemented.

About source purchase and support feel Free to write me by email to

Demo program connecting to host But address may be changed by my internet provider.
Please notify me in case of address change.

Best regards,

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