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DigiOz File Trans DLL 1.0

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DigiOz File Trans DLL 1.0 description

The Digioz File Trans DLL is a DLL written in Visual Basic .NET 2003 (VB.NET). This DLL allows you to read the contents of a text file Write to a text file or append a text to an existing text file by simply referencing our DLL file digiozFileTrans.dll. For more information on how to use this DLL, please download the zip file and read the ReadMe.txt inside it.

DigiOz File Trans DLL

DLL Name: digiozFileTrans.dll
Purpose: To read, write and append text to a text file chosen by programmer.

How to Use it

1- Start a new VB.NET Windows Application Solution.

2- Open the "Solution Explorer" window.

3- Right-Click on References Folder inside of Solution Explorer for your project.

4- Select "Add Reference" from the menu given.

5- Click on the "Projects" Tab, and click on "Browse" button.

6- Find the digiozFileTrans.dll file from the location you downloaded and saved it to, select it and hit Open.

7- The following 3 Functions are accessable in the dll:

a) AppendTextToFile()
Appends a text string to the END of a chosen text file if the text file already exists. If the text file does NOT exist, the dll will attempt to create the file for you.

b) GetFileContents()
Reads the contents of a text file from a file specified by you and returns the contents of the file for you.

c) SaveTextToFile()
Writes text to a file specified by you, deleting any existing file along with its content, effectively replacing the existing file with the new content you specify in your string you pass to the function.

Sample Usage:
' Appending text to an existing file
Dim myFL As New digiozFileTrans.digiozFileTrans
myFL.AppendTextToFile("Test", "fileName.txt")

' Writing text to a file replacing the old one
Dim myFL2 As New digiozFileTrans.digiozFileTrans
myFL2.SaveTextToFile("Test Write", "fileName2.txt")

' Reading text from a file
Dim myFL3 As New digiozFileTrans.digiozFileTrans
Dim myString As String
myString = myFL3.GetFileContents("fileName2.txt")

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