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Quick Recovery Linux V-9.0

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Pankaj Mathur
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Quick Recovery Linux V-9.0 description

Quick Recovery for Linux is an automated data recovery software tool for recovering data lost due to inaccessibel drives, partition not mounting, volume not mounting, lost files. This software works on Ext2 and Ext3 file systems.

Quick Recovery

Demo Version

Quick Recovery - Demo Version is overview of Quick Recovery and its functionality. It will help user to see the options of Quick Recovery. It will also help you to see whether the data from a crashed Hard Disk is recoverable using Quick Recovery or not.

Limitations of this demo version:

1. Quick Recovery will not recover any file/folder from hard disk and for that user will have to purchase the original package.

Test Procedure:

1. Copy Quick Recovery Analyzer to a floppy.

2. Boot the system using bootable floppy.

3. Run the analyze file, select the appropriate option.

4. And according to the option selected by user Quick Recovery will take the time and will show all the files/folders in that drive.

5. As per the results you may purchase the original package or contact nearest Unistal's Data Recovery Center.

Unistal's Frec - FreeWare to recover the data from floppy

Limitations of Frec:

1. Frec will not help you to recover the data from physically bad floppies.

Recovery Procedure:

1. Boot the system using bootable floppy.

2. Run Frec from disk.

3. When asked take out any floppy from drive and insert the damage diskette.

4. Frec will analyze the bad floppy and will show you all the files.

5. Select required files using spacebar. Then Press F2 key and give the path where you want to save these files.

6. All the files will be recovered on the given path.

7. There can be certain cases where files are not listed, even in that case the recovery is possible but manually.

- if the files were under a folder then the Heuristic Mode can be selected for the recovery, else
- user can go to manual mode by pressing Alt M key.
- In manual mode the recovery can be done sector-by-sector, using the various options, specially Edit Mark.

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PHONE: -91-11-26219396, 26288583, 26288589

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