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Tell a Friend Script v1.0

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Andi Zain
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Tell a Friend Script v1.0 description

This is an ASP Script simply to be used on your pages to allow users to email an article or page they've seen on your site. This Script also use JavaScript to validate the form

1. This license only applies to the products developed by VisualBasicScript.Com . This website also have a lot of external links to free ASP scripts and these are of course not covered by this license.

2. The overall idea of the license: You can use the scripts however you want as long as you dont:

a) sell the product or modifications of it

b) try to take credit for my work

So, in other words: it is ok to modify layout etc ( even delete links to VisualBasicScript.Com - although I really appriciate if you link to me - traffic is what makes this site free).

You can use the scripts on any website you'd like - commercial/personal doesn't matter.

3. Distribution. It is not allowed to distribute the scripts on your own ( like having a download site where people can download zip-files ). All distribution must go via this site and through the various download-pages on this site. Again, it is very simple: if people are going to use my scripts I would at least want some pageviews in return.

If you have questions about VisualBasicScript.Com poducts usage, then just ask them at the forums or mailing list.

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