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WebExtenders description

WebExtenders provide design and runtime time support for programming against javascript functions such as Alert, Confirm, Status and DefaultStatus in ASP.NET pages from within Microsoft Visual Studio.

Welcome to WebExtenders for ASP.NET

Thank you for using WebExtenders .NET !

We believe that WebExtenders will help you to create richer web pages without the requirement of using specialized web server controls. Using the concept of ExtenderProviders common to the Windows Forms programming world, WebExtenders add properties to various web server controls. Setting these properties at designtime typically results in a small amount of javascript being attached to the server control as it is rendered to the client at runtime.

Contents of this .ZIP File

This zip file contains two installation programs, one for WebExtenders (WebExtendersInstallerFull.exe, or WebExtendersInstallerTrial.exe for the trial version) and WebExtendersSamplesInstallerVB.exe.

You don't need to install the samples, but if you do they will be installed to IIS on your local machine under a virtual folder called WebExtendersSamplesVB. WebExtenders is fully functional for use in your own projects without this.

Getting Started

When you have installed WebExtenders, you will find a folder on your start menu called WebExtenders for ASP.NET'. In here you'll find links to a detailed 'Getting Started' document, and license information. If you've installed the samples there will be a link the the Visual Studio solution file in here too.


If you have any problems using WebExtenders, please contact us by email at support@winformreports.co.uk or via the Localizer website at www.winformreports.co.uk
We also have an online list of Frequently Asked Questions and Programming Tips here.

July 15, 2003
Localizer ASP.NET © 2002-2003 TMG Development Ltd

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Trial Release/WebExtendersSamplesInstallerVB.exe215Kb
Trial Release/readme first.htm3Kb

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