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Bobs Editor v1.10
A great sinus bobs editor for coders and common-folk alike!
June 8th 2006   42k
Gif+Web v1.2 Transparent GIFs
Converts GIF, bitmap, JPEG, and TIFF files to transparent GIF files Essential for web pages. Supports dithered color backgrounds. Option to make background grey. $19.00. Requires VBRUN300.
June 14th 2006   187k
Debug Panel
[Updated 2005-12-23] Debug Panel is a VB User Control useful for enhancing the ASP.NET trace panel by adding a few missing items such as: A navigation index (which shows only the section you want and hides all other sections); A ...
August 9th 2006   52k
A .Net Database Sample
Sample application/*.sln for beginners and intermediates using OLEDb. Other controls used are ListView, ListBox, and MenuItems. Also uses ArrayList as a collection holder for the entries in the DB. Comes with *.mdb file. Pretty good beginning point for OOD. Complete ...
August 9th 2006   31k
Virtual Memory Manager
Yesh ! - it's the first FREEWARE Virtual Memory Manager, Providing you with a transparent memory allocation sceme wich will provide all the memory you could only dream about ... It'll use XMS, EMS, DOS or Virtual Memory, it can ...
November 18th 2006   109k Barcode Generator
Create Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, 2of5, Interleaved 2of5, Code39, Code93, Postnet, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13 and EAN-8 barcodes on the fly without third party components.
December 7th 2006   11k
Graphics Library for Borland/Turbo Pascal 7.0 by Tristan Tarrant. XLibPas v2.0 is a set of libraries and utilities that allow you to use some extended features of the standard VGA adapter which are not exploited in mode 13h. The most ...
December 14th 2006   346k
Yes another clock, but this ones different. This Javascript clock displays the date and time from a specified start date and time. Could be used for people wanting to display the time of their computer or web server within their ...
March 27th 2007   3k
Insert Procedure Generator
Produce an "insert" procedure with full transaction and error handling by simply passing a table name to the procedure.
March 29th 2007   2k
tsp.querystring. class
The tsp.querystring.class was designed to allow you to easily pass values from page to page without your users being able to see the querystrings. it is actualy a fairly simple class that relies on hidden forms to do most of ...
April 17th 2007   3k
Tracing Tools - Resubmit
Demonstrates two features: 1) how to create and add custom TraceListeners to your project. TraceListeners are the output's from Debug.X and Assert.X. 2) how to create a custom tracer with varied levels of output. Read the Info.txt included in the ...
October 17th 2007   24k
Web based HTML pages editor
Using this component user without special knowledge or experience can edit website page content. It is very useful for content manager, webmasters and technical writers.
July 8th 2007   42k
DNS lookup with
SOA, NS, MX and A records from without third party components
February 28th 2008   2k
Silver and Steel - Text based MMORPG in ASP
Silver and steel is a text based MMORPG written in ASP using MySql. It is based on the MMORPG Darkthrone. It deals with trying to distribute your resources between mining, offence and defence and also deciding which level you wish ...
May 31st 2008   141k
Validation Class
A component class to validate a few common inputs, including some UK items such as mobile number, bank sort code etc.. Shows how to use regular expressions.
December 13th 2008   1k
Validate email id, integer, password, empty field JavaScript Tutorial
You will learn the following from this well commented code: • Validate email id, integer, password, empty field using JavaScript • Keypress, onsubmit, onclick and parameter passing. • To change other combo box’s value as one is changed • To ...
February 4th 2009   6k
Rename Recycle Bin
I apologies for the missing file when i submitted this code for the first time.It's fixed now !** Not too much to say, the code does what it says.It renames the Recycle Bin, since there's no a user Interface option ...
November 8th 2009   14k
Numbers to Words
This Code convert numbers (up to 7 digits and without decimals) to corresponding words. The grouping format is Indian, but can be easily changed to accommodate other formats as well.
April 26th 2010   2k
OpenVPN Rekeying Drone (solution for OTP and reneg-sec limitation)
Each time openvpn renegotiate new keys ask via management interface and we use otp the openvpn client asks for new id and pass , how we can solve this? My solution i wrote a tool that act like a "drone" ...
July 12th 2010   5k
CPU/FPU Feature Detection Library
Recognizes 20+ CPUs and about 15 FPUs, checks for V86, determines CPU clock speed and determines 386dx chip stepping. ASM/PAS/C[++] sources included! Windows, OS/2 & DESQview-aware: works fine in DOS box, even returning correct MHz under Windows and DESQview! DPMI-compatible. ...
February 2nd 2006   46k
Multi User Login & Authentication v3.0
Multi-User Login & User Authentication with database connectivity. The files includes - login, Registration, Password Retrieving, Authentication and added files. Plus Admin files for viewing and editing database content online. Please feel free to change the code accordingly.
February 7th 2006   94k
DataGridColumns .NET assembly 2.6.2
DataGridColumns .NET assembly from RustemSoft is a DataGrid Columns Styles software package specifically designed for .NET developers. The assembly allows you to use all strengths of the MS Windows .NET forms DataGrid control without waiving the user interface elements your ...
February 12th 2006   989k
ZBit Zip-Unzip Component Lite 1.2
Very light component for zipping and unzipping files from your code. Only provides basic functionality but is very fast and small (only 16Kb).
February 20th 2006   9k
Theta State-Online 2D RPG
This is a game I was working on while back. It is an online 2D RPG using direct3D 8 for the graphics. it supports multiple people connecting to the server. the server can send the map files from intself to ...
September 13th 2007   246k
Char Statistic / Count
Just a sample how to calculate character in one text/paragraph. Usefull if you want to do a char count/statistic.
March 19th 2006   7k
Protect your .js files - A true and effective way
After spending several weeks debuging a script, it's not nice knowing that any dumb web designer can steel your code without permission. This solution uses ASP and cookies to encrypt the code inside javascript functions. The key to decrypt the ...
April 2nd 2006   4k
This code is a grid using pure ASP. Its useful when you need to have a page where rows need to be dynamically generated. You can also delete rows that you do not need. I have not used any third-party ...
April 24th 2006   39k
Pure ASP method to prevent automatic form submissions
A pure ASP method to generate dynamic images, without any components and very fast indeed. This example prevents automatic form submission by robots. If your web site is being overwhelmed with spam, automatic registrations or automatic forum submissions etc. then ...
April 24th 2006   22k
Simple XML Stock Scraper Class
The code provided is an example of a VBScript class that submits stocks symbols to Yahoo's finance site, parses the returning CSV file, and converts the information into an XML document object. The main difference between this code and other ...
April 25th 2006   3k
ASP Search Engine
Updated: (Version 1.2) ASP Simple Search Engine. This search engine will scan your the directory and all sub directories from where the ASP file is based for occurances in files of the test string being searched for. It will them ...
April 26th 2006   5k
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