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Graphical Tutorial
March 28th 2006   1k
add two
add two numbers by using input/output
April 1st 2006   1k
Parallel Port Viewer
It is possible to use parallel port for many interesting applications (i.e. connect LCD Display or leds to it). Parallel Port Viewer show how parallel port works on hardware level!!!
April 1st 2006   211k
Magnifier lens that provides a way to enlarge items on the screen.
April 1st 2006   35k
AsmMan v1.0
PacMan type game, fully made in assembler. Commented source included.
April 13th 2006   9k
3DGV Version 0.2 Beta 3DGV
Is a 3D GIF viewer using the Sega 3D glasses. It reads either two GIF files or a single MIG (Multi Image Gif) file. The two images are both loaded into video memory, and the screen is toggled quickly back ...
April 19th 2006   414k
Advanced Numbers
this code advanced numbers functions.. advanced number formatter..
April 23rd 2006   1k
Admin Database Table
This is one asp file that will allow you to view/add/edit/delete records in any database table. All you need to do is change a couple of parameters at the top of the file to point to your database/table/key field. I ...
April 25th 2006   3k
A Very Simple Link-Page v1.1
Allows you to edit, update and arrange links to your link-page. Updated so now you can arrange links by any column, like in an Apache Server directory.
April 25th 2006   14k
A better BFCTemplate (ver2)
This is a modified version of my original template object. This one allows tags that mimic the <div> tag in HTML. The syntax for the tags is different, so this version isn't compatible with the previous one.
April 29th 2006   4k
Advanced Highlight
This function searches through the string passed to it for either a string or array of keywords. It highlights the keywords found in the string by wrapping them in HTML <span> tags. Features: - If an array of keywords is ...
May 2nd 2006   7k
ASP Calender
Events calender 19 July 2002 Whats in the zip file: A complete calender example. Input form, display page and automatic insert validatior which can be applied to any submitted form. Setting up redirects and links to pages need readjusting. The ...
May 4th 2006   27k
Decrypt MS SQL 2000 stored procedures of ANY SIZE!
This MS Access application will decrypt Stored Procedures encrypted using "with encryption" option. If automatic removing of "with encryption" option fails user will asked to manually modify the source of SP. The source of SP must start with “ALTER PROCEDURE” ...
May 6th 2006   38k
Detect user's browser type and OS. For example: Browser: IE5, OS: Win98.
May 10th 2006   1k
Anubis demo tutors - Issue #1 - Plasmas
Learn how to do your own plasmas using Tweaked mode and mode 13H. Full sources in Watcom C/C++ 10+ included in this archive !
May 20th 2006   70k
A fast C polygon drawing demonstration (Borland C code)
A fast C polygon drawing demonstration (Borland C code)
May 27th 2006   2k
ANIM8 3D Animator Version 1.4
Is a powerful animation environment that allows any PC animation hobbyist to build a sophisticated animation system from a variety of inexpensive components. With ANIM8, you can do your rendering with POV, VIVID, or other ASCII text based raytracers and ...
June 5th 2006   290k
(v2.30)SnapShot/ 32 scrn. capture, Win95/NT
Capture entire desktop, individual window or client area, or draw rectangle to select. Print w/opt. reverse black and white, save to BMP or GIF or copy to clipboard. Hot key activation for captures with menus pulled down.
June 15th 2006   212k
A S P.Net Enterprise Manager (0.5.0)
This is a web-based version of Enterprise Manager for SQL Server and MSDE. An online demo is available at . This is an Open Source Project in VB.Net, ASP.Net and ADO.Net that is in the early stages, so any ...
August 8th 2006   131k
.NET Remoting and Remotable Objects
This code shows how to create remote objects in This includes Client-Activated objects, Server-Activated objects, remotable objects, serializable objects, and marshaling objects with the Marshal method. Comments are included in the source code to make it easy to understand.
August 22nd 2006   11k
Cipher Classics
Encryption with a list of classic field-ciphers. Encrypt swift and easy with this program, or try out the pencil-and-paper versions by following the instructions on how to use them "in the field", as many secret agents and soldiers did. Use ...
September 5th 2006   21k
Exe Compiler
This code demonstrates how to compile exe files using vb code, like the winzip self extractor.
December 2nd 2006   57k
Associate filetypes to your program
This module lets you create or delete with only a simple function filetype associations in the registry. Usefull to use your own filetypes, with theire own icon and description in your vb-project. Once you have your own filetype, this is ...
September 6th 2006   3k
DH String Extractor
Extract any string with any delimiter.
September 18th 2006   7k
3d rotating space shuttle
3D OBJECT VIEWER This program shows a space shuttle in 3d You can rotate the object and visualize it in a perspective or orthogonal view Use: Arrow keys to rotate the object, + make a view more orthogonal (put camera ...
November 25th 2006   23k
Useful Assembler Routines
A collection Of 37 assembly source codes for use with BASIC. Includes memory management, interupt controllers, window scrollers, text conversion, program loaders, printer conversion and more.
December 4th 2006   64k
The DDS MICRO-C Compiler
A compact 'C' compiler for Small Systems. different processors & computer platforms. Code generators are available for 8080, 8051, 80x86, 8096, 6809, 68HC11 and 68HC16 cpu's,
December 17th 2006   198k
Update image script - mysql
This Perl CGI script displays one entire database record in an HTML table. All JPEG/GIF images stored within the record are displayed in-line with the rest of the data from the record. Each MySQL column containing an image includes a ...
March 27th 2007   110k
A Basic Nokia Operator Logo Editor
A Nokia Operator Logo Editor. The File LOGOS.TXT Stores the Name and Logo Data as a comma delimited string. The Code Currently reads from the file and updates the file. It does not allow you to add a new Logo. ...
January 28th 2007   19k
The DigiOz MySQL DLL is a DLL written in Visual Basic .NET 2005. This DLL allows you to Query, Insert, Update and Delete records in and out of a MySQL Database using the MySQL .NET Connector 1.0.7 or higher. The ...
February 20th 2007   6k
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