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CartDisk dev 3.20 (final alpha 8) (c) 1996 DiskDude.
FINAL ALPHA VERSION Back up SNES, MegaDrive/Genesis and GameBoy cartridges through the IBM PC printer port. Support for other consoles soon... Useful for emulators - DRAM "RAM cartridge" support comming soon (no change to hardware needed though)
April 20th 2006   502k
Cartridge Identifier v2.05 [PC]
Cartridge Identifier v2.05 [PC]
April 20th 2006   39k
3DGV Version 0.2 Beta 3DGV
Is a 3D GIF viewer using the Sega 3D glasses. It reads either two GIF files or a single MIG (Multi Image Gif) file. The two images are both loaded into video memory, and the screen is toggled quickly back ...
April 19th 2006   414k
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