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Simple graphics effects
Few simple graphical special effects programs ( Fire, Snow and Plasma ) with commented and easy to understand source code in full C and with no assembly language.
June 7th 2007   91k
A windows port of a very realistic fire algorithm. Translated from Pascal to C++ and ported to Win32 using GDI.
January 11th 2007   53k
This is a real time 3d spinning cube. The cool thing is that the cube is burning. The result in very beautiful. The burning routine is very powerful, for programmers the totally of my source is added :o). Coded with ...
May 17th 2006   45k
3D FIREWORK (giga explosion!)
This demo is a 3D engine showing 3D Fireworks. That is very realistic because I have used physic equations. The camera fly through the stars, that is simply WONDERFUL. Look at the screenshot and DOWNLOAD! coded with TC3
May 17th 2006   55k
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