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Text files based forum
This is a dialog based forum. You ask a question- forum's administrator answers. There is also a e-mail service in this forum. It means that you can get answers for you questions via E-mail. This forum doesn't use any databases. ...
September 19th 2009   38k
Winamp Song in ASP
This utility will save the current song, total tracks in winamp & total tracks recorded in the database to include files which are uploaded by the utility to the ftp server you set in the code. Use and ASP page ...
July 21st 2007   19k
Phone Number Conversion
This class is used to interpret phone numbers to and from a database in a specific format. The format is 25 characters long and is explaied withing the script.
April 25th 2006   2k
Simple XML Stock Scraper Class
The code provided is an example of a VBScript class that submits stocks symbols to Yahoo's finance site, parses the returning CSV file, and converts the information into an XML document object. The main difference between this code and other ...
April 25th 2006   3k
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