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SafeTask (updated)
SafeTask is a very simple process checker that will match up processes with specified 'safe' files. This is compatible with Vista, but was designed on XP. For use on vista, edit safelist.txt. Almost every line is commented, was made to ...
February 9th 2011   14k
Post Code Form Lookup
UK Post Code lookup form, very simple and easy to integrate, It looks up a users town / area based on the there post code and automatically fills a form in. Saaving time and hastle
August 5th 2007   45k
Windows Event Logger from ASP
This allows ASP pages to log events to the Windows Event Log like you can from VB6.0. This code is both VB6.0 (to create a DLL) and an example asp page to use it. You will need to compile and ...
February 15th 2007   2k
ASPDump will read an ASP file, resolve all SSI's within the file and present the user with a complete listing of all code merged into a single document. Very useful for keeping track of overall code size and also for ...
April 25th 2006   4k
This is a class module useful in developing and debugging ASP applications. The display of the debug information is rendered at the end of your page. The display of the debug information can be turned off using the clsDebug.Enabled setting. ...
April 25th 2006   5k
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