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Event Populated Calendar
Draws a Multi-Month Calendar populated with events from a database.
June 28th 2014   2k
Dynamic Office like Menu w/DB
This Asp Code Reads From a Database and writes an html menu with an office. I am gonna use it in my new website but i thought i might as well share it.
August 6th 2012   63k
ASP Search Engine
Updated: (Version 1.2) ASP Simple Search Engine. This search engine will scan your the directory and all sub directories from where the ASP file is based for occurances in files of the test string being searched for. It will them ...
April 26th 2006   5k
Cool Window Function
A simple function to open cool windows in your page. Clear code. If you find it useful, please vote for me!
April 26th 2006   26k
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