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Sanitize Ver 1.0 is an advanced filtering function. It is able to filter out bad words (user defined), and characters as well as handle those pesky single quotes when adding information into a database.
March 27th 2010   1k
String Builder Class
Increase ASP string concatenation. This class is very usefull when you have to work with text concatenation.ASP is not good making string concatenation. This class has very good performance.
November 3rd 2009   1k
Web Links Directory
Unlimited sub-categorys , Add/Delete/Change Categorys, Add/Delete/Edit links, Ranks,Approve the links count links in category and more ...

- Add/Delete/Edit Link
- Approve the links
- Register Member
- Login and logout
- Add/Delete/Edit Category
- Ranking the link
- Change ...
April 8th 2007   117k
ASP+XML Online Survey
Online survey using ASP and XML. Users are asked a question, they can answer it or skip to the next one. The results are displayed as a chart after each answer. Just type a few questions into the polls.xml file, ...
April 27th 2006   21k
This is a general purpose ASP library that will help you with most of the common tasks in ASP programming. DB support: general routines (ever wanted to get a recordset with one line of code? use table name, view name, ...
April 27th 2006   43k
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