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VBScript Calendar Class
VBScript code to create a monthly/yearly calendar. Code is encapsulated in a VB script class to make it easy to use and modify. It is intended to demonstrate the value of using VB script classes by providing basic calendar functionality ...
December 10th 2009   3k
A better BFCTemplate (ver2)
This is a modified version of my original template object. This one allows tags that mimic the <div> tag in HTML. The syntax for the tags is different, so this version isn't compatible with the previous one.
April 29th 2006   4k
Add records to a custom Record Set by Read a Text file (fix length fields)
The purpose of this code is to read a text file and put it into a record set. The code does not depend on DNS and programmer has full control of record set properties.
April 29th 2006   6k
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