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XML and XSL Server Side
The purpose of this code was orginally to find a way to display text from XML in different ways depending on that persons value of FG node from the XML using xSL to create the HTML. I also needed it ...
December 29th 2009   1k
ASP Quick Blogger
This code snippets is a quick blog/news and are insertable(using the include statement) in any of your ASP source to provide quick updateable blog/news. It requires no modification to work as long as you keep the directory structure of the ...
September 22nd 2007   39k
A good WMI Explorer
List All the Win32 and CIM Classes
April 30th 2006   56k
Access Auto Backup Script
Easy backup-script for access database. include the file to one of your page. If the dabase modified, the scripts makes daily a backup.
April 30th 2006   1k
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