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This is the complete package of my LoginPage, LostPassword and SignUp samples all blended into one nice package.
May 19th 2014   50k
ASPFileUpload_WS C
This Win32 Script Component Class Object allows web clients to upload files through their web browser to an IIS Web Server.
March 24th 2014   3k
A .inf file for registering / Unregistering your object libraries..
This power of this code is in the .INF file that updates the registry to put the functionality of "REGSVR32.EXE" on the menu.The d2 Register/Unregister DLLOCX 2.0 is a 2nd generation release. If you are developing ActiveX components, you totally ...
May 2nd 2006   17k
Add Host Headers
Add host headers to a web service instance from a text data source. Good for adding 50+ headers to web farms.
May 2nd 2006   9k
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