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All sorting techniques
Perform all sorting techniques, including bubble sort, selection sort, insertion sort, heapsort, merge sort and quicksort. The program employs an array list as the data storage.
November 15th 2015   2k
A program called 3DPlot
This program demonstrates my implementation of the floating horizon algorithm. This is a hidden line removal algorithm that effectively works when used to plot 3-dimensional geometric figures. The algorithm works on the assumption that an object (a point or a ...
July 27th 2015   77k
add with out using + sign
This is a small trick to add 2 numbers with out using the add signe + using XOR and & operaters.
November 2nd 2014   1k
A primitive version of the "Game of Life"
An implementation of the Game of Life algorith, I wrote many years ago. The whole display is rather primitive, as the algorithm just draws to the screen without using a window...
August 18th 2012   1k
A Shortest Path C++ Class
A C++ Class implementing a shortest-path algorithm on a rectangular grid where grid elements can be marked impassable and the algorithm must quickly find the shortest path from point A to point B. Uses a priority queue class. This is ...
July 31st 2012   6k
Bubble Sort and Template Binary Search
The "binary search algorithm" is one of the quickest way for searching threw an array, the "linear search algorithm" makes "n" comparaisons for searching for an element inside a given array. The "binary search algorithm" only makes log2(n) comparaisons for ...
June 27th 2012   14k
Artificial Neural Net: Perceptron Using Perceptron Learning Rule
This program features a complete Perceptron Neural Net Application. The perceptron is a program that learn concepts, i.e. it can learn to respond with True (1) or False (0) for inputs we present to it, by repeatedly "studying" examples presented ...
June 24th 2012   28k
a Binary Search Example
The program accepts the name of an input file from the command line. Then it reads strings from the input file into a dynamically allocated array of pointers to char. Prompts the user for a string to search for. After ...
May 27th 2012 4 stars 1k
Advanced Encryption Standard
Implement the advanced encryption standard (AES) in C. Includes certification test from FIPS.
March 12th 2009   8k
Algebra Solver
Solves Algebraic Equations with the Determinant method. Introduces linear algebra which is very helpful in computers
January 29th 2009   1k
Two basic programs, one in PowerBasic the other in QB45
Two basic programs, one in PowerBasic the other in QB45, to demonstrate to beginning programmers how to construct a SIMPLE database├╣ They let you ADD, EDIT, DELETE or PRINT records
June 30th 2008   8k
CCITT Cyclic Redundancy Codes (CRC)
Calculate CCITT cyclic redundancy codes (CRC)without clobbering the rocessor's data cache. Both 16 and 32 bit codes are provided.
February 3rd 2007   1k
A Simple Finite State Machine
This program can determin very accurately the nature of the user input, it detects whether it is an integer, a float, a number in scientific notation or simply an invalid input. To be capable of doing this the program uses ...
October 31st 2006   8k
Lines Counter
Have you ever wanted to count the lines of your code in C or C++ without the commentaries and blank lines,well with this program you can do it. Please feel free to vote or to live some comments,it will be ...
October 3rd 2006   1k
A Keyboard Recorder
The purpose of these program is to simulate a human typist,the way that these program proceed to do this is to first record the time delay between each keyboard hit,those time delays are then saved into an array and later,they ...
March 8th 2006   5k
Natural Language Processing: Sentence Matching Algorithm
This is my own attempt to create a program that can match sentences by using the "edit distance" or "Levenshtein distance",all feedbacks are very welcome! (comments,votes,suggestions...)
March 8th 2006   19k
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