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Arithematic Operations Using CLASSES
This porgram is made to use simple arithematic operations using classes.
September 29th 2012   1k
You can't believe your eyes!!! (or you can?) I heard many vb programmers to say this: 'We have an easy management of the strings, a collection object that it's simpler than an array' etc. etc... Now, if you heard any ...
June 1st 2009   9k
This is a string class (similar, but not exactly) like cstring. It has many functions, including the basic Copy, and Append. It also has a few, more advanced, functions such as Insert, Replace, ReplaceStr, and a variety of others.
March 25th 2009   672k
Bff (BrowseForFolder )
This example showes the use of BrowseForFolder Dialog Box using its hook procedure to create a new Button. By typing in the Edit field a name and then clicking on the "Create" Button, you will be asked to create a ...
March 3rd 2009   37k
Binary number to DECIMAL
My program ask for enter binary number and it convert it in decimal number
January 21st 2009   1k
A student class
This is a simple database made in c++ , does not save the records on disk permanently , it is just to give the beginners an idea about implementing databases with classes
February 18th 2008   1k
A Winsock Client Class Example
This is a Class-based form of my Winsock Client Example.
January 19th 2008   4k
Code demonstrates abstract classes/functions. I'm trying to get back into C++ and this was a great place to start. There is an account class with virtual functions that are inherited by a savings class. The savings class is instantiated in ...
October 4th 2007   8k
ansi/unicode string class
This code creates a string class that is compatible with 8 bit ansi or 16 bit unicode depending on the platform. In addition to all the standard overloaded operators, it also contains a set of vb-style string handling methods....cheers ...
May 27th 2007   29k
A Basic Class
This code contains a "BOX" class that will store the 3 dimensions of a box and it's volume. The program will ask the user how many boxes they want to create, and the dimensions of those boxes, then it will ...
March 9th 2006   27k
A C++ N-grams Package
It is a natural language processing tool for creating n-gram profiles for text documents, and can be used in pre-processing for text classification and/or clustering.
March 8th 2006   7k
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