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Simple Print & Export to Excel via CFMX +
Simpler way of exporting data to Excel without having to resend the data or create another page for exporting. Very efficient ... very easy.
June 2nd 2010   1k
Paging recordset / query / search
Breakdown large recordset into simple paging. This code will generate your record set to list of array with define pagenum. With pagenum you can change to number of record to be list for each page. Can used of search and ...
September 24th 2009   3k
Text to Grafix
Have you ever though, "Man oh man, I wish I could make my text look a lot better." If so, then this Code is for you! How would you like all your text to come up completely different? Actually come ...
November 24th 2007   29k
Dynamic Filtered Select Boxes
This code populates a series of select boxes based on the value of the previous select box.
May 9th 2006   2k
Test Tree
Example of how to make an expandable tree using some efficient techniques.
May 9th 2006   1k
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