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Random String Generator Example - Extra Options - Patterns
A random string generator. It has some useful options and the user can enter the patterns the he chooses. It can be useful for sum things. ;) Oh, btw, the Screenshot had the XPMan component when it was taken, i ...
May 15th 2010   15k
Template-based checking of user input string fields
This is a powerfull tool for template-based checking of user input string fields (DBMS, web-based applications, etc), text search/substitution, egrep like utils and so on. You can easily check e-mail adress syntax, extract phone number or ZIP-code from unformatted text ...
January 30th 2010   113k
Text <=> Code
I'm 100% sure you haven't seen a Text<=>Code converter program as good as this one since you started working with Computer! This program can transform a text to code and save the code as a *.bmp type picture, and even ...
July 18th 2009   41k
Trillian Password Retriever
It will allow user to select a trillian ini data structure then it will allow user to select a profile and then it will decrypt the password for that profile
July 9th 2009   8k
Simulated Stack
This code is just like my previous posting under VB. I just finished porting it to Delphi. It lets you manage a stack, like the computers memory heap. You can push and pop items. It is currently a unit file ...
December 20th 2008   9k
Split function with an attitude
Split a given string into TStrings with given delimiter character. Will also process Quoted string if need to (e.g.): 'this, is, a, "comma, separated, value", for, you' will be split into a stringlist with the following items: (0) this (1) ...
December 11th 2008   1k
String Encryption, Decryption
This shows how to Encrypt a string, and also how to then Decrypt that string, its a little incomplete as all characters(only symbols) arnt set, easy changable to any key you like!, rate what you think please! marty.
November 15th 2008   96k
Replace Char Function *UPDATED*
You can easily replace characters with this function. I noticed delphi was missing one, so I wrote one myself. This is an updated version, and is less complex than the original. It also works even better.
October 18th 2008   8k
Encryption Component
TO get the script for this not in component form, check out my string encryption upload and please rate*** This is an encryption component, it is very simple to use and does the job. This component i currently use in ...
May 3rd 2008   100k
Expression Evaluater Example
This program was made to show how to evaluate an expression. The program supports ^,*,/,+,- and does order of operation. The main unit is about 270 lines.
March 1st 2008   15k
Formatting RichEdit with HTML tags
For my second venture in Delphi I decided to convert another one of my Visual Basic uploads to Delphi. This one allows the user to use HTML style tags in a string to display the string in a RichEdit with ...
September 19th 2007   9k
Base Converter
This program was made to show you how to convert number bases easily and efficiently. The program supports binary, octal, decimal, hex, and ascii(base 256). Please vote on my code.
March 19th 2006   10k
Char Statistic / Count
Just a sample how to calculate character in one text/paragraph. Usefull if you want to do a char count/statistic.
March 19th 2006   7k
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