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This Delphi component can be used to add/remove/configure Microsoft Excel Datasource Names (DSNs) on the fly, using just one line of code! Now supports Delphi 4, 5 and 6!
January 3rd 2012   123k
Windows Shut down
You choose an hour and your windows shuts down. Nothing great, but could help newbies like me, to understand a little more about delphi.
November 28th 2010   9k
Tutorial on using DB Express Components with MySQL v1.1
Is is a Simple Database Tutorial written in C++ (Kylix IDE)
which Demonstrates using DBExpress components with MySQL
Server, portable across platform Linux(Kylix C++) and Windows
(C++ Builder 6+)
October 8th 2006   72k
TVicHW32 component for Kylix 1.0
TVicHW32 is a Kylix component for directly accessing hardware
(ports, memory, interruptions) under Linux.
July 31st 2006   112k
Delphi CLX SVG-Viewer 0.1
The program shows a component for the delphi6-CLX platform, which is able to display SVG-Graphics (*.svg). the svg-viewer uses the OpenGL-API for displaying the graphics. up to know the viewer supports only a few keywords ( like path, tspan, g ...
July 29th 2006   496k
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