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BirthDay Alert System
This code will help you to remind Birthdays of your nears and dears. This relieves you from the burden of reminding birthdays.
January 19th 2012   55k
Validate email id, integer, password, empty field JavaScript Tutorial
You will learn the following from this well commented code: • Validate email id, integer, password, empty field using JavaScript • Keypress, onsubmit, onclick and parameter passing. • To change other combo box’s value as one is changed • To ...
February 4th 2009   6k
Mock Alerts
Well this started out trying to teach myself to use the Object() method. Couldnt get it to work right so i just used arrays. But this creates a Mock Alert with some funny saying in it. Future cosmetics are to ...
January 26th 2009   11k
Student Information System
This code really helps you to undeerstand the mechanism of communication between Applet and Servlet, client and server respectively.
May 9th 2007   257k
True Win32 Message Box
For use with client java applications, a whole utility for message boxes. More options than the swing class JOptionPane gives.
March 11th 2007   15k
Alert Message Creator
simple program that creates the javascript code for an alert message, using the users properties.
March 25th 2006   4k
Base Convert
Converts numbers from one base(binary, octal, etc...) to another base. This example converts form and to binary, octal, decimal & hex although it can easily be modified to handle other bases.
March 25th 2006   1k
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