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Digital Clock with Properties
This program is an applet.It is a DigitalClock program with some properties merged in it.You can right click on applet and click properties from popup menu to change font,foreground and background colors.This will work on jdk1.3 and above.
May 29th 2010   2k
Java JavaScript Live Connection
This applet uses JavaScript's live connection to establish a connection to the Java applet. This applet also shows that how to generate simple documentations using the javadoc tool provided by Sun Microsystems Inc.
August 4th 2009   20k
The applet displays a "digital" clock with the current time. The applet is very flexible with display parameters (font, size, color, date format, time format, etc.) and can be used in script.
June 15th 2009   4k
This Applet includes a Class for an Animation of a Dice. It shows, that Chance to get a special Number is 16,6666 % on the basis of a Diagramm.
May 23rd 2009   19k
I have done a simple Messenger like (Application)program. Here two Applet windows are run on the same system. Two User have to manipulate this window for sending the message. It is Duplex mode i.e(both can send as well as receive ...
May 14th 2007   2k
Complete Java Swing Applet: Improve your vocabulary
This is a Java 2 Swing Applet for improving your vocabulary. It reads a large list of words from a URL and keeps score of your game. This example shows: 1) how to play a sound file from an Applet ...
April 29th 2007   20k
A Drawing Applet
to use the mouse to draw lines with different colors .... see the screenshot!! its cool
March 25th 2006   4k
advanced Calculator
it is classical culculator but has some thing special that you can store your work in a file in the hard and return to it and work on KeyBoard besides we'd created our own Math functions including sin & cos ...
March 25th 2006   5k
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