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Shell Executor
Main File: This is a Shell program capable of making you to navigate through the file system. It allows following facilities: 1. Navigation among directories. 2. Creating new Directories. 3. Deleting a file or directory. 4. Copying a file. ...
October 7th 2009   6k
Simple Web Server
This is a complete but simple Web Server for the HTTP protocol. It can help you get an overall picture of how a web server works by removing the complex details of a bigger server like Apache Tomcat. It doesn't ...
September 3rd 2009   86k
This is an enhanced Browser detection function... It is capable of detecting: IE (4.x & 5.x,6.x) ,Netscape (4.x & 6.x) , and Opera 5.x (in all modes)
April 23rd 2008   2k
Image Follow Cursor Script
This code allows you to put an image to follow your cursor around the browser area..
December 28th 2006   10k
A Collection of exciting Javascripts
This all in one utility contains how to create search engines to your web pages,how to use file system object in jscript,different types of mousetrails,create rain on your page,animated status bar content and more.....enjoy!.If you like it vote for me.visit ...
March 25th 2006   22k
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