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Java Console Clock and Applet Clock
THIS CLOCK TELLS TIME!!!!! This code is good to get beginnners introduced to Java. There is a console version and an applet version, both of which show the system time of the user's computer.
July 12th 2016   2k
Led Digital Clock
This program is Led Digital Clock that shows hours,minutes and seconds simultaneously.
November 8th 2012   103k
J2ME - News Slider
J2ME News Slider Flash for PDA's & Mobile phones.
September 2nd 2010   6k
Time Object
This object is useful when you want to time how long something took, e.g. for a player to solve a puzzle. Use this object with Timer.schedule().
July 25th 2010   1k
Web Browser Clock
This code gives continuously revolving clock around pointer while used in html file/web-site creation.
July 30th 2009   4k
It is a Component Clock that originate from the Component of JTextField. It displays Current Setting on your Computer Time.
September 27th 2008    
World TimeZones Applet with analog and digital Clocks of the Major Citys. You can easy add Citys in the SourceCode ( Example: ("Berlin","GMT+2:00"). All Clocks in own Threads
October 20th 2007   8k
JavaScript Digital Clock
JavaScript Digital Clock is a simple image based web clock. It reads the client's system time and then displays the time with fancy images. A graphical, JavaScript supported modern web browser is required to display this script. JavaScript Digital Clock ...
September 3rd 2007   17k
A simple clock that will display current time. Demonstrating the use of Thread in Java
June 9th 2007   1k
Server time ticking clock
This script allows you not only to display a ticking clock in a web page, you can also set the initial time by perl script, php etc, so that server time can be shown to client. Furthermore, if the server ...
March 31st 2007   2k
Yes another clock, but this ones different. This Javascript clock displays the date and time from a specified start date and time. Could be used for people wanting to display the time of their computer or web server within their ...
March 27th 2007   3k
Bar Clock
It's a stylish and modern clock that use text-based progress bars to show the time, also includes the normal digital clock to show the time with AM/PM format. Check it! Its very cool! Please leave your comments.
December 7th 2006   1k
Analog Clock
An Excellent Clock Just looks so real! It displays the time and date. It's size can also be adjustable.
March 27th 2006   2k
LCD Clock
Beautiful Lcd Clock applet that accepts 3 parameters: background color,format and blinking enable.
March 27th 2006   105k
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