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A basic Client Server application
This example shows you how to build a basic client/server application. This example sends a message from the Client to the Server and the Server acknowledges the receipt of the message. The source and a tutorial are included.
August 25th 2012   15k
Spring Web Flow
To demo simplicity of using spring web flow and spring persistence using hibernate integration
June 15th 2008   93k
Photo Album
This is a Photo Album system using spring mvc, wizard controller and hibernate integration
June 7th 2008   115k
Simple Employee Information
This is simple Employee Information system using spring mvc and hibernate integration
June 5th 2008   70k
Spring Hibernate
This system, will show you how to use spring mvc and spring persistence using hibernate integration
June 4th 2008   69k
File to Array Converter
It is very nice to build programs without dependence on picture or sound external files!!! Here is the solution! This converter converts a choosen file to Java byte array that may be used by createImage method (for example).
March 28th 2006   16k
Powerful E-Commerce code, Building ur own with Java
Hi friends, Updated March 6, 2003 now u need not compile the .java files , and its more enhanced now ,This code is for developing a web based E-Commerce Application , with all the features like making/editing/deleting notes, favourites , ...
March 28th 2006   3k
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