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Calendar Swing Utilities
The calendar swing utilities package is a package with some date selection panels and dialogs for input masks.
March 21st 2012   197k
Calendar Bean
CalendarBean displays an HTML calendar. The GUI is completely customizable through the CalendarSettings.xml and notes can be set in the CalendarNotes.xml. JDOM is used to load the xml.
November 3rd 2011   5k
The purpose is to give an example of how you can replace the default icons i JTree width custom ones that you have created yourself. You can replace any of the icons in the tree. You can change them one ...
March 2nd 2011   30k
Visual Basic like PictureBox Control for JavaVisual
I always see that some java programmers need to set or get pixels of an image object. But java image object can only be changed with pixels grabbers and memory image sources. This control makes all of this procedures more ...
February 26th 2011   5k
Mac Look and Feel for Java in Windows
This is simple Netbeans GUI code that creates a MAC OS LOOK and FEEL in Windows environment. This code contains a one JAR file liquidLnF.jar that must be added into Library. There is very simple line of codes in main ...
August 11th 2010   339k
XHTML GUI Generator
Generates a swing-based GUI based on an XHTML specification that uses DHTML-style event handling. This makes GUI development much more rapid than hard-coded action listener implementations. Through reducing interdependencies between user interfaces and their backends, this idea can also help ...
December 26th 2009   263k
Form submission, confirmation, and editing
Sends the output of form fields to a confirmation page, where you can re-edit the form details, or submit the form to any email address of your choice.
July 11th 2009   3k
Easy Amazon Toolbar
Allows you to easily add Amazon products to your entire site that target the page they are added to. If you have signed up for an amazon associate id you can collect commission on products your site visitors buy.
November 17th 2008    
DHTML Components
A way to use JavaScript to modularize HTML enough to be used as components on a web page. The submission includes some examples and instructions on reusing the JavaScript on your websites. The components can be other HTML web pages ...
July 19th 2008   21k
A True Custom Right Click Menu
Pure Graphical Menu. Use custom GIF images to Create the right click (or other click) menu that you want, not limited by text and other cr@p. Check it out, you will be suprised. This is pretty much the best i ...
March 28th 2006   35k
Address Book-like Name Chooser
I was looking for a way to allow users of a web pageto select e-mail addresses from an address book similar to Outlook or Groupwise. This is what I came up with. It's a fairly crude example and can be ...
March 28th 2006   4k
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