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Using ArrayList
Shows beginners how to use Array List of Java.Util Package. Dynamicity is not shown,but altering the list is shown user-actively.
March 24th 2010   1k
Priority Queue in Java
Implementation and short usage example of using Priority Queue in Java. Written as an exercise of Algorithmical Programming 1 course in Bar-Ilan Univercity, ISRAEL. Feel free to use it.
January 10th 2009   3k
List Creator (SMSCs)
You type in a String such as. 4x Where ever theres a pronumeral instead of a number, all possible combinations are found. For the above example 4x would give you 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 and ...
October 14th 2008   4k
Expression Evaluating Calculator
It evaluates the normal infix form expression " ((101+2)*137)%3+(5*(6+7/2)) "
June 19th 2008   15k
EnumSuper 'family' of type-safe enumerations
Java is missing the type-safe "enum" capability of C++ and Pascal. This software implements a reasonable, practical approach for an application to declare/define a "family" of typesafe enums, such as Color, Gender, Progress, etc.
May 10th 2008   9k
File Allocation Table Simulator
This application is basically a simple simulation of 'how' the windows FAT32 works. How FAT32 organizes it's clusters, files, and directories and to simulate how does cluster fragmentation happen and how it can be resorted. This app has a basic ...
April 10th 2008   84k
Linked Tree
Implementation of a Tree. Nodes are classes with references to the parent, an object contained and a linkedlist storing the children of the nodes. Several ways of traversing the tree are offered.
April 19th 2007   3k
Binary Trees Simple String Example
A very simple binary tree's example i made while trying to get the hang of it all. Shows how to add a String to the binary tree using an iterative and recursive method :)
March 29th 2006   2k
Building and searching a binary tree
This a a binary tree build from scratch. Input from the keyboard are storet in it, and suggestions, already in the tree, appears when writing.
March 29th 2006   4k
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