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GNU Spell Checker
This is a simple spell checker that can function on plane text and XML documents. They can be in files or online. This could help you identify spelling problems in XHTML web pages.
April 15th 2010   240k
Simple Compiler
This is just Simple Compiler demo program which i h required to build for my Programming Language subject. Its use string tokenizer class! Programming Language syntaxt look like this Start Set variablename As datatype End Example Start Set i As ...
October 8th 2008   49k
J2ME Prevent Screen Lock-ups
Preventing Screen Lockups of Blocking Operations by Qusay H. Mahmoud When you're developing networking MIDlets, pay special attention to blocking operations, such as methods that establish a connection to the network. These can lock up the screen, leaving your user ...
June 5th 2007   9k
List ALL properties for ANY object
A new window is opened, with a table listing all available properties with values for your object.
May 23rd 2007   2k
Development Tools v1.10
Updated Dec 12, 2002: This is a great tool for the advanced web developer, especially when complicated javascript is involved. This allows you to dynamically view information about things going on inside your web page. Some of the features include: ...
March 29th 2006   13k
Generates html forms dynamically from xml description files
March 29th 2006   5k
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